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Kaiser Chiefs respond to Noel jibe

By Frances Cronin
Newsbeat entertainment reporter at Hylands Park

Ricky Wilson from Kaiser Chiefs
Kaiser Chiefs headlined the 4Music stage at the V Festival

Kaiser Chiefs have responded to claims from Noel Gallagher that they sound like The Monkees.

Last week, the Oasis guitarist told Chris Moyles that the 60s band hadn't split up, "they're just going under the name of the Kaiser Chiefs".

He also said: "I did drugs for 18 years and I never got that bad as to say, 'You know what? I think the Kaiser Chiefs are brilliant'."

But the band, playing at this weekend's V Festival, claim they're not too upset about it.

Nick Hodgson for one wasn't taking it personally.

He said: "We're definitely not offended but I do actually like it, I think it's a bit of sport.

"It is funny though because it does happen every single time they put out an album. And the last two albums it's been us.

"When I was 17 and Noel was going on about Blur I was watching it and now I'm 30 and he's 50 and he's talking about us, it's brilliant."

Headline acts

Meanwhile, Muse wowed the crowd at the V Festival in Chelmsford and Weston Park, Staffordshire, with an epic headlining performance and spectacular laser display.

It came complete with giant satellite dishes but bassist Chris Wolstenholme told Newsbeat they were stopped from having a UFO on stage because of health and safety issues.

He said: "We've been talking about getting some kind of UFO for a while and we thought finally we'd found a place which would let us do it.

Matthew Bellamy from Muse
Muse now return to the studio to record their fifth album
"But apparently there were all sorts of issues with the wind and the usual rubbish you get at big gigs and festivals where they tell you you can't do anything you want to do.

"Maybe one day we'll be able to put all the stuff in we'd like to but I don't think it'll happen in this country for some reason.

"I think the health and safety laws are too tight. I think it would have looked quite impressive."

Bassist Chris had an injured arm last time they played V so felt he had a lot to make up for.

He said: "Last time was probably the most jading experience I'd had with the band.

"I drank 10 cans of lager on stage to numb the pain. I've been looking forward to this for a long time."

The Kooks managed a collaboration, singing with Ray Davies from the Kinks.

However, it almost all went wrong when they were delayed by a lost guitar.

Frontman Luke Pritchard explained: "Me and Hugh [Harris] were racing buggies through V festival and he lost his guitar."

But Hugh had another not so convincing explanation: "It's not true - there was this big dog and it ate my homework and then I lost the guitar."

Random injuries

On Saturday in Staffordshire the Chemical Brothers thought they were safe from the rain in the JJB Arena tent but Ed Simons told us no such luck.

He said: "There was a hole in our tent so we nearly got electrocuted."

But it was even worse for Tom Rowlands: "Someone threw a lighter and hit me on the head," he said.

Amy Winehouse
Amy Winehouse was booed by the crowd in Staffordshire
"I've never been hit by a missile in 15 years.

"It was a bit unsettling, there was a torrent of water falling into our mixing desk which is never a good combination and then people throwing things.

"I was a bit shocked because usually there's a lot of love at our gigs."

Sugababes were also hit by injury on Saturday on the Chelmsford site.

Heidi Range almost fainted and Keisha Buchanan hurt her leg.

Amelle Berrabah was left to do the talking.

She said: "I didn't notice first of all. We came off stage and I saw Heidi bending over and I think she thought she was going to throw up, I think she's feeling a little bit light headed and Keisha hurt her foot.

"They're all casualties in there (the dressing room). They're dropping like flies but it's all good they'll be alright.

"Heidi is supposed to be hanging out with me later. Give her an hour and she'll be fine."

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