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T time for new bands: Day two
By Kev Geoghegan
Radio 1 music reporter in Balado

Newsbeat has been having a look at some of the Scottish bands playing on the T Break stage at this weekend's T In The Park.

The stage showcases the best unsigned bands in Scotland.

Yesterday featured Twin Atlantic, The Twilight Sad and Isosceles.

Come On Gang

Three-piece Come On Gang were formed at art school in Edinburgh just over a year ago.

They have already been labelled by Radio 1's Vic Galloway as "the best unsigned band in Edinburgh".

Come On Gang
Come On Gang are on tour in Scotland through the summer
They describe their sound as "upbeat and energetic".

The closest comparison is a slightly less spiky, more poppy, Blood Red Shoes.

The comparison extends to the fact that both bands also have a drummer who doubles as a singer.

In BRS's case, it is Steve Ansell. The Gang, however, have Sarah Tanat Jones.

She is joined by Mike Morrison on guitar and Irishman Trevor Courtney on bass.

Tanat Jones' voice is quite folksy and she admits to being a massive Kate Bush fan.

In an industry which is notoriously sexist when it comes to female drummers, she insists she hasn't come up against anything she can't handle.

Come On Gang set list
Both Ends Burning
Coffee Shop
Start The Sound
You'll Never Know
The Wood for the Trees
Spinning Room
She said: "The only thing is surprise that a girl can play the drums.

Without realising the pun, she added: "I think that if girls think they could play the drums then they should give it a bash."

In front of a healthy-sized crowd, Tanat Jones leaves the kit just once to play tambourine for the truly marvellous track, Wood For The Trees.

There is no album coming in the immediate future though Come On Gang say it has been written.

Morrison said: "We're going back into the studio in August to record three or four tracks."

Courtney chipped in: "Our aim is to have everything ready so that when things kick off for us, we already have everything in place.

"We've got a ****load of tunes and the album is ready."

Their new single Wheels is out now.


Glasgow band Fangs wouldn't look out of place writhing around on stage at New York's infamous venue CBGB's during the long hot summer of 1976.

With more hair product, lipstick and eyeliner than you can shake a glow stick at, the band lead by front woman, The Queen, give a slice of glam punk to the startled mid afternoon assembly in the T Break tent.

Fangs (PIC: Dave Newitt)
Fangs play the Offset Festival in London on 30 August
Strangely retro and futuristic at the same time, the band are playful despite the punk posturing.

A peroxide cross between Karen O from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and punk legend Siouxie Sioux, The Queen spits out lyrics to songs with titles like Panic Attack and Sicko.

She met up with the brilliantly preening bassist Marko Nein and drummer Findlay Falls at a club in Edinburgh.

They bonded after her make-up was nicked.

Falls said: "I was wearing a lot of make-up so I was the prime candidate to give her some.

"So I helped out and gave her a share and we hit it off."

The Queen added: "Yeah, I nicked his lipstick and we started a band.

"It's as simple as that."

Nein, who puts almost as much work into his pouting and bum-shaking on stage as he does into playing his instrument, is the group's unofficial spokesman.

In what sounded like a carefully rehearsed answer disguised as a throwaway line, he described the band's sound as "22nd century, post-punk, new wave, glam pink rock."

Fangs have been in the studio with former Bomb The Bass producer Tim Simenon.

Falls said: "It was really great that we got to work with him because we're really interested in hip hop production and US pop production."

Fangs are apparently "soldiering on" with their debut album but are yet to sign a record deal.

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