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London band opens T in the Park
By Kev Geoghegan
Radio 1 music reporter

The New York Fund

Shock! Horror! T In The Park, the biggest music festival in Scotland was kicked off, this year, by a London-based band.

Before anyone goes spluttering into their porridge, The New York Fund are fronted by a Scotsman called Joe McAdam.

The band kicked off the weekend of music with a storming set on the T-Break stage at Balado by Kinross.

McAdam claimed being the first band of the night was a double-edged sword.

He said: "On one hand, they're still sober and it isn't like they're drunk and will dance to anything, like they would at the end of the weekend.

"But, if you know they are there and are paying attention, you know they aren't there because they're half comatose."

McAdam, who originally hails from Glasgow, admits people are confused about the band's origin when they play live.

He said: "Everyone thinks we're all Scottish because I talk a lot on stage and they hear the voice.

"But we all met in London over the past few years."

Name game

Named after a jar of one and two pence pieces on top of McAdam's fridge, they were formed out of the ashes of another band, also fronted by McAdam, called Cherryfall.

Joe McAdam from The New York Fund
London-based band The New York Fund is front by Scot Joe McAdam
They were signed and eventually dropped by Island Records.

The as-yet-unsigned The New York Fund didn't play to the biggest crowd of the weekend but their short punchy set left the few hundred fans, who made the effort to show up in time, happy.

McAdam, who is a dead ringer for Biffy Clyro frontman Simon Neil, engaged the crowd from the get-go telling them:

"Thanks for coming to watch us, everyone else is s***e anyway."

They kicked off with the track Guns of London Town, which wouldn't sound out of place on an early Oasis set list.

McAdam fiddled with a contraption around his neck before their next track, Give It Away.

It couldn't be. Yes it was. A mouth-organ. Awesome.

The song could be mistaken for a slightly rockier version of You Don't Love Me by The Kooks.

But it's on the rest of the set list that the band's country rock sound began to shine.

McAdam said: "I'm a massive county fan, well 70s alt country.

"Nothing cheesy and modern like Garth Brooks."

That's it. Now I can go off and drink as much lager as I can fit in my body
New York Fund frontman Joe McAdam
He continued: "That's sort of what I thought of when we started the band but it's got a lot more rock and roll since then."

Going to New York starts with a hypnotic raw drum beat that sounds like The Shangri-Las' Leader of The Pack and The End has definite shades of Primal Scream.

Julie July got one of the biggest responses from the audience who, thanks to MySpace, already knew the words to the song.

McAdam explained: "It isn't about a real person, it's about a fictitious girl who tells you what she is like and then you find out she is completely different."

"The chorus goes, 'Julie July, why did you lie?'"

Their final song Nobody Home and its extended guitar left the crowd with a final bounce to take on to the next set with them.

McAdam smiled before disappearing into his dressing room and said: "That's it. Now I can go off and drink as much lager as I can fit in my body."

Spoken like a true Scotsman.

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