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Panic At The Disco: We escaped Emo
US band Panic at the Disco have been giving Newsbeat the low-down on recording their second album, Pretty. Odd. and how they came to be hanging out backstage with rap legend Snoop Dogg. The Las Vegas Emo rockers, signed to Fall Out Boy's record label, also give their verdict on the UK festival circuit.

Brendon Urie from Panic At The Disco

Has your new album Pretty. Odd. put the 'emo' tag attached to you to bed?

We haven't been asked about that in a long time. With this new record our main goal was to make people open their eyes and view us as a band and not really as a specific trend.

You spent 10 days recording Pretty. Odd. at Abbey Road studios in London. What was that like?

We spent some time in Studio 3 where a lot of great records have been produced - Pink Floyd and Radiohead and all kinds of stuff. It's definitely cool but that aside it's still a great studio on its own. The people who work there are really generous and always willing to help out. And the equipment they have is awesome too so it was a lot of fun.

What has the reaction been to the new album?

Good so far for us. We've been touring for the past three months, right when the record came out. So our reaction has just been from people coming to the shows. And from that we've been noticing a more broad audience, not so much young girls that people would think but there's more of a younger audience and the parents that come as well. So that's pretty sweet.

How was Glastonbury?

It was really muddy but it was a lot of fun. It was kind of the exact thing you would think. Driving in that day and seeing all the tents, all the people, all the stages. It was really amazing to be part of that. We don't really have a festival in the US that compares to something of that length or that many people.

Are you looking forward to T in the Park?

We've only been hearing stories. The one word that comes up is 'mad'. They never say that it's negative, it's like 'it's a good thing'. Everyone that goes to that festival is particularly crazy, which is great. Everybody is a little crazy though - so we'll be on the same page.

Is it true that you're teaming up with Snoop?

We did do an MTV thing where we were both on the show. We played the music to Gin and Juice while he did his rap on it.
Snoop Dogg
Panic at the Disco say Snoop Dogg was 'polite' during rehearsals
When we were rehearsing we spent half an hour just hanging out and talking, which was kind of the most surreal thing that's ever happened. He was really polite considering the situation we were in. He had probably maybe heard the name of the band but didn't know anything about our music and we were all fans of the stuff having grown up with his music. It was just a really different feel, but he was totally cool. We practised the song a couple of times and just went for it. He was totally laid back, as you might think.

Who else would you like to work with?

The one that was really surprising was Kyle Gas from Tenacious D, who was doing a YouTube thing where he was going round to different festivals and interviewing bands. But it wasn't an interview at all, they just gave Brendan an acoustic guitar and he had an acoustic guitar and they told us to just make up a song in ten minutes. It was just some stupid thing to be funny but after that we got to talking and thought it would be amazing if we were ever able to do some kind of collaboration with the D.

Panic at the Disco were talking to Newsbeat's entertainment reporter Sarah Jane Griffiths.

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