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Amy Winehouse's Glasto: In-depth
By Natalie Jamieson
Newsbeat's entertainment reporter

Amy Winehouse
Amy's husband Blake received several dedications

Amy Winehouse’s appearance at the Glastonbury Festival 2008 will be remembered for her apparently lashing out at a fan – not acceptable behaviour – but it is a shame as up to those final moments, the singer had spent an hour reminding us why she’s one of the UK’s brightest talents.

It was a reformed Amy who confidently walked out on stage on Saturday night, arriving on time, smiling and in excellent voice.

Gone were the slurred words and forgotten lyrics of recent times, this was Amy at her best for well over a year.

Wearing a blue, orange, yellow, and pink quartet of paper cocktail umbrellas in her beehive hair, she spat out her gum and started to show the crowd what they’d been missing.

"How you feeling Glastonbury?" she shouted. "You don’t know how happy I am to be here – they should make a new word for happy and put it in the dictionary with a picture of me."

The audience cheered as Amy launched into Tears Dry On Their Own, managing to recreate the sense of excitement her music can deliver, not seen since she so publically went through a string of health problems.

Her sense of humour was back on track as well. Referring to her skin tight blue-sequinned strapless dress, she said "It took three women to get me into this dress! Ain’t that funny? It takes three women, then pow – nothing to get out of it."

Blake tributes

Later on as she repeatedly hitched up the top part she grinned at the audience explaining, "see how you’d feel if your tit fell out!"

Twenty minutes into her set as she picked up her guitar for the track Cupid, Amy began her now usual tributes to husband Blake Fielder-Civil who is still in jail.

Amy also changed the words during her song Back to Black to sing ‘Blakey we go back to black,’ and gave him a long dedication before the track Wake Up Alone.

For some reason Amy then had an unexplained rant, declaring "At least I’m not opening for a **** like Kanye (West),” as she began to sing Love Is A Losing Game.

Amy Winehouse
The singer was slightly pre-occupied with her cleavage

She encouraged the crowd to support Jay-Z who was following her on stage though, saying "the man has b******s to come here, he’ll do all the hits like Girls, Girls, Girls and the rest."

There was one more reference to her overly tight dress: "If one of my ribs falls out – can you catch it? Seriously, I’ll reward you highly" and then it was time for a cover of A Message To You, Rudy by The Specials.

The ska classic got another cheer but not enough for Amy’s liking as she encouraged the crowd to recognise the heritage of one of her favourite bands.

Mingling with fans

Amy then did another Specials cover, this time of You’re Wondering Now.

There was a long instrumental to introduce the band as Amy took a seat on stage near her keyboard player. She continued to look relaxed and happy and genuinely seemed to be enjoying herself.

After belting out You Know I’m No Good she asked one of her backing singers to help lower her off the stage into the security pit.

From there she ran around the front of the crowd shaking hands with her fans but it was as she went into her final song Rehab she then lashed out.

Even after that though Amy quickly recovered, smiled, and went to greet more fans.

She turned to her band asking if she could play on, saying "one more, one more", but her time was up and Amy ran off thanking the crowd and proudly declaring "My name is Amy Winehouse."

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