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Jay-Z: Glasto is 'moment in time'
Rapper Jay-Z, whose appearance at Glastonbury this year has prompted a battle royale amongst the festival's aficionados, has said his Saturday night Pyramid Stage slot feels like a "moment in time". He spoke to Radio 1 DJ Tim Westwood just before becoming the first rapper ever to headline at Worthy Farm.

Jay-Z and Westwood

How does it feel to be headlining at Glastonbury?

It feels like a moment in time. We all have to have these discussions as people as far as music goes. I just feel like it's my turn to show hip-hop in a good light.

Is it a defining moment in the game?

Absolutely 100%. I'm up for it and it's a beautiful thing and I'm here to represent the culture as well.

What are your thoughts about some of the negative comments that have been made about you headlining?

Sometimes remarks are made out of ignorance. If Noel Gallagher saw me perform and he said that then I understand that. That's a personal opinion and I have no bearing on how he feels. It's just not your taste. But he's never seen me perform I'm sure or he wouldn't say that. We'll see what happens after tonight.

The funny thing about it, with Noel and whoever else for the most part - is that everyone's ready. I thought it was the old guard vs the new guard but it's really not like that. Every single person I've seen is very excited about the show and ready for it. So I feel good about it.

Do you have any guests with you?

No - no guests. Bleak is here, he'll always be here. Anybody that's here is only here as a bystander, an innocent observer. I can handle this on my own.

You recently signed one of the biggest contracts of all time in the music game...

It's not really a recording contract, it's a contract to do multiple things. Music is the base of it because that's my passion and that's my love but there are so many different outlets. Because my whole thing is that's the direction of music right now. It's so loose so you have to be fluid as well.

People ingest music as a culture. We've always known it was a lifestyle - it's music, it's fashion, it's everything. Now that's pretty much taken the forefront in business and I just want to be one of the guys at the front and be the entrepreneur and be out there to figure out the next model or the next paradigm.

How do you feel about the possibility of a black president in America?

What I find most incredible about this time that we are witnessing in America is these little kids in the hood that now feel like they're part of the American dream - that really feel like 'I can grow up and be anything'.

That sounds like a good tagline but now it's really possible. Even more so than a black man being in office, what he represents is the hope for a nation of people, for kids of all ethnicities, Spanish, Mexican, anybody, to say 'Man maybe I could be anything'. I never believed that could even be possible.

Didn't Barack Obama quote Dirt On Your Shoulder in a battle with Hillary Clinton?

He's tuned into the culture which is fantastic. I feel like Frank Sinatra back in the day when Frank Sinatra was mingling with the Kennedys.

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