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Amy Winehouse 'will play Glasto'
by Kev Geoghegan
Radio 1 music reporter

Amy Winehouse

Mitch Winehouse says his daughter Amy Winehouse will play at Glastonbury.

Medical exams have revealed the singer has traces of emphysema, scarring on her lungs.

She has been treated in hospital since she collapsed at her home on 16 June.

Winehouse is due to play at Nelson Mandela's 90th birthday on 27 June in London's Hyde Park and Glastonbury's Pyramid Stage on 28 June, in the slot before rapper Jay-Z.

Her dad has told Newsbeat: "She will be well enough to be at Glastonbury. She's well enough now."

Here is the full interview with Mitch Winehouse...

What is Amy's current situation?

There's been some confusing messages coming out. There's been stuff about TB, stuff about HIV but she hasn't got any of that. She has a small amount of emphysema. Obviously there's a hangover from the drugs situation. But with no more inhalation from smoke of any kind, she'll be absolutely fine.

That's the extent of her medical problems.

It does sound quite scary though.

Mitch Winehouse
She knows what she needs to do and she's getting on with it
Mitch Winehouse

It is scary, emphysema is scarring on the lungs and there is a small amount there. It hasn't gone too far, it's not irreparable. Really she can't even smoke anymore, let alone the other thing. With patience, her lungs will recover completely. She's responding really well to treatment, she's flourishing.

The thing that's keeping her going is thought of being able to perform again. That's what she lives for and she really wants to do the gigs at the weekend and with the doctors' permission and they have given her permission, she will perform.

So she could be at Glastonbury?

She will be well enough to be at Glastonbury, not could be. She's well enough to be at Glastonbury now.

So how confident are you that Amy will be able to quit everything?

The only thing that can go into her lungs right now is fresh air. She doesn't have emphysema, she has traces of it. Obviously if she doesn't quit smoking, it's going to get worse.

She understands that, and she's smothered in nicotine patches and she's doing great and really looking forward to performing and seeing her fans and getting up on stage.

You're still worried about her though?

Not as worried about her as I was last week. The future for her and our family and her fans and the people that love her, is a lot brighter than it was. Things have really turned a corner.

And how is she feeling about it all?

She's very intelligent and she knows what she needs to do and she's getting on with it.

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