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Last Updated: Thursday, 12 June 2008, 17:17 GMT 18:17 UK
Wayne and Coleen's wedding: Day 1
By Hannah Morrison
Newsbeat reporter in Portofino, Italy

Wayne Rooney and Coleen McCoughlin
The nuptials are shrouded in secrecy thanks to a magazine deal
It's been billed as the wedding of the year and created a media storm in the small Italian village of Portofino where it's rumoured to be taking place.

We've been in search of the elusive Wayne Rooney and Coleen McCoughlin to find out what all the fuss is about.



We've arrived in Portofino, the Italian village where Coleen and Wayne are staying. It's small but you need a big wallet. There's a Gucci store and Dolce E Gabbana too. You can imagine Coleen's been popping in for those last minute essentials.

A waiter in one of the restaurants gets his camera out to show us a picture of Rooney he took earlier in the week. Coleen's in it too but he doesn't seem to care about her.

All the locals seem to know how the day is going to pan out – a legal ceremony at Villa Durazzo, then a more lavish religious ‘do' in an old Abbey called La Cervara and finishing off with a party tonight on board a yacht.


We've pegged it over to Villa Durazzo after hearing Wayne and Coleen are getting hitched earlier than we thought. Three people carriers and two blacked out Mercs swoop in through the gates. The English security, all dressed in chinos and white polo shirts are refusing to answer any questions.


Villa Durazzo
The Villa Durazzo where the civil marriage ceremony took place

It's started to rain – poor Coleen, you don't want that on your wedding day. The Deputy Mayor Giovanni Costa has just come out of the gates at Villa Durazzo to announce that Wayne and Coleen are married. He said there were just a few family members there and two witnesses. The bride wore white with pearls. Wayne was in a hazelnut suit, didn't manage a tie, but did put on a belt – Prada apparently.


We've all piled into a car and are quickly driving round to the other entrance to Villa Durazzo to see if we can get a look at the bride and groom. All we see is the two Mercedes coming out – the blacked out windows mean we can see nothing. The paparazzi leap on their bikes and start chasing them off in the direction of La Cervara – hotly tipped to be the place for the next part of the wedding.


We're at the bottom of the road to La Cervara – a burly security guard in a slick Italian suit is not letting us go any further. OK! magazine have made sure no one is getting any information about what is going on. The problem is we don't know if the rest of the wedding is even happening today. Part two could be on Saturday – Wayne and Coleen are due to be here until Sunday.


All quiet at La Cervara, so quiet we're starting to think Wayne and Coleen may have gone for a bit of a kip after the morning's events. More likely that they are posing for photos for that exclusive magazine deal and she's changing in to her Marchesa frock - we're expecting a very long train and much glamour.


An army of Silver people carriers with blacked out windows pull up to the venue. No-ones getting a look-in to see who the guests are, security's making sure of that, but Rooney's team-mate Michael Carrick is spotted.


An external view of the Cervara Abbey
A view of the Cervara Abbey where the party took place

The Italian Paparazzi have come back after an hour and a half climb up the top of the hill to try and get snaps of the bride and groom, they were scrabbling through people's gardens and hanging from trees to get the shot. All they seem to have ended up with is Rooney's brother on the terrace, but at least we know what the groom's party are wearing now, grey suits, white shirts and black patterned ties. Rooney must have changed out of his Brown suit from the earlier civil ceremony.


We hear a Bit of Nessun Dorma coming out of the venue but no Westlife or Jay Z yet.


A local restaurant owner tells us they've been asked to bring in emergency rations of red bull – two crates of the stuff. The night is still young.


The heavens open – big fat rain drops fall just as fireworks are set off from a pontoon in the sea in front of the venue. The skies are popping with pink, green and red stars. The drivers turn up to take guests home but tell us they think it's going to be a long wait.


The music stops and we think it may all be over but then…what's this karaoke? Someone singing along to Take That's Never Forget and what sounds like Rod Stewart's Maggie May.


The last of the guests leave in those silver people carriers we are now SO familiar with. Rumour is Westlife were the last one's standing. Go on boys!

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