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Last Updated: Wednesday, 21 May 2008, 06:43 GMT 07:43 UK
Will McFly 'do a Radiohead'?
McFly have told Newsbeat they are thinking about 'doing a Radiohead' by letting fans decide what they want to pay for their album.

The boys have been recording album number four in Australia where the surfing definitely beats London traffic

The band have left the record label they've been with for around four years to start up their own label called Super Records.

Blonde-haired band member Tom Fletcher said it was all down to creative differences and the boys simply decided to leave when their contract was up.

Speaking from Australia, where the band are working on the artwork for their fourth album, Tom explained why they parted company from Island Records.

'Play it safe'

"We left a while ago actually, we left just before Christmas officially but we didn't tell anyone about it," he said.

"We weren't dropped, we left on really good terms. It was just contractually we were allowed to leave. We had been talking about going independent for a while. We thought it was a good time for us to take the step and do it.

"We really wanted to take full creative control. We had a lot of creative differences. By staying with them we just felt that we weren't going to continue in the way we wanted to continue.

"They just wanted to always play it safe. We didn't want to be a boring band."

McFly perform from Tom's house for Radio 1's Live Lounge

Tom said the band are more excited than nervous and are relishing being in charge.

'100% us'

"We're young guys and all our fans are our age. We just wanted to make a fun exciting album that we're proud of and not worry 'Does it fit this demographic?' or 'Will it be OK for radio?'. We just wanted to make the album that we enjoy making."

He added: "This album is just exactly how we wanted to make it. So all the stuff from now on that the fans are going to receive from McFly is 100% from us. It's all been our decision and our creativity without anyone having their opinions on it."

One of the things the band felt they could really make a difference on is the way they sell music, as the industry has changed so much over the years.


The band felt that their old label wasn't embracing those changes and are keen to experiment with new ways of getting music to fans.

Tom said: "There's not a set way of doing things anymore. Now, especially with stuff like downloads, or giving music away, there's so many options for what you can do."

Tom said they are thinking about 'doing a Radiohead' and releasing their album for free, but they haven't decided yet.

"It's one of the options we're talking about, but we haven't made any decisions yet. You'll have to wait and see!" he said.

Although the band are working with distributors, there's no major label involved.

New sound

Dougie, Danny, Tom and Harry do their bit for Sport Relief

McFly would like to look into signing other groups in the future but are keen to tie up their album first.

So is their sound any different now?

"This is the album that we've been wanting to make for a few years. It's different but not a drastic step away.

"For us it feels very natural. We're not saying we're rock and roll or we're an emo band. It's still very much pop but it's just really ballsy and exciting," Tom said.

Obviously with the new creative control comes risk, but the boys seem prepared.

Surf's up

"Now, if it all goes wrong we've only got ourselves to blame. But in a way that's what we want because we are putting absolutely everything into this album," Tom said.

The boys have spent ten weeks in Australia making the album, which was much more fun than being stuck in London.

"The whole point of recording an album is about having fun. We'd be surfing every morning and then we'd go into the studio at sort of two, three, in the afternoon, and spend the afternoon in the studio was very relaxed," Tom said.

"Before it got a little bit boring, getting in a cab in London... spending all day in the studio, you'd be stuck in traffic for two hours. It was a bit like going to the office."

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