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Last Updated: Wednesday, 14 May 2008, 10:03 GMT 11:03 UK
Gallows prepare gritty second record
By Kev Geoghegan
Radio 1 music reporter


Gallows have promised to maintain their gritty no-nonsense approach as they prepare to head into the studio to record their second album.

The Watford punk band, who gained critical acclaim with their debut Orchestra Of Wolves, say they will be sticking to their guns despite the fact they have more resources at their disposal this time around.

"The pressure is on us now to make an album which makes us feel as proud as we were of the last one," bassist Stu Gili-Ross told Newsbeat.

"The production sounds on the last album were all intentional, that's how we wanted it to sound. We were a bit limited by the resources and we had to make it sound as gritty as we wanted but I think it came across.

"You definitely won't be hearing a very polished and clean record from Gallows on the next album."

Touring heavily

The band are currently in the middle of writing their second album and are hoping to head into the studio at the end of June early July.

The five-piece also admitted that they can't wait to work on the new material after touring so heavily for their debut which was initially released in September 2006 and then re-released last summer.

"We toured our first record for 18 months all around the world," explains Gili-Ross. "There's only so long you can give the passion to those same songs for that amount of time so we're looking forward to just playing the whole new album live.

You definitely won't be hearing a very polished and clean record from Gallows on the next album
Stu Gili-Ross
"We've got one song called I Dread The Night which is about when you've been on tour for a long time and the last thing you want to do when 10 o'clock arrives is go onstage and play the same songs you've been playing for ages.

Despite their tour frustrations, Gili-Ross said the band have been having a lot of fun coming up with working titles for the second record. "When we do working titles for songs we tend to give them funny names so we recognise them," he joked.

"We've got one song we had initially called Swedophile because it is influenced by a lot of Swedish bands. We've changed it to Love Leeches now."

Gallows recently appeared at Radio 1's Big Weekend and they are due to headline the Radio 1 Lock Up stage at this year's Reading and Leeds festivals on August 22-24.

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