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Last Updated: Wednesday, 30 April 2008, 08:46 GMT 09:46 UK
Radiohead give track to charity
Radiohead's Ed O'Brian and Thom Yorke in the Radio 1 studio
Radiohead have allowed one of their songs to be used in a new music video, aimed at raising awareness of human trafficking.

The promo for the track, All I Need, premieres on MTV on 1 May.

It uses a split screen effect to tell the stories of two boys, one growing up in a far east sweat shop and one living in the affluent west.

Human trafficking is the second-largest illegal trade after drugs worth over 5billion every year.

Guitarist Ed O'Brien told Newsbeat: "It's a very powerful video.

"We were approached by MTV about two months ago, and asked if they could use All I Need for this short film.

"We found out about the campaign and we were happy for them to use it."

Sweat shops

The MTV Exit (End Exploitation and Trafficking) campaign aims to raise awareness of people being sold into the sex industry or domestic slavery, and the plight of people forced to work in sweat shops in developing countries.

A still from the video for All I Need

O' Brien said Radiohead have already taken steps to ensure merchandise sold at their gigs have been produced without exploitation.

He said: "We read up on it about eight years ago and became aware of, not only consumer products that we were buying, but also our merchandise company W.A.S.T.E.

"We set it up because we weren't happy with the thought of our T-shirts being brought in, largely, from the far east, made cheaply and put together in sweat shops.

"What's great is lots of other bands felt the same and now we provide a service for them."

Radiohead revealed that Exit campaigners will also be joining them on their forthcoming tour to leaflet venues throughout the US and Europe.

The band kick off in Florida on 5 May and continue through until Tokyo in October.

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