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Last Updated: Monday, 7 April 2008, 05:38 GMT 06:38 UK
The Enemy and the Rev plan a hook up
By Kev Geoghegan
Radio 1 music reporter

Tom Clarke from The Enemy says he is hoping to collaborate with Reverend and the Makers frontman Jon McClure.

The Enemy
The Enemy picking up best new band at the NME awards
The highly politicised pair have become pals since meeting at a homeless charity gig at London's Roundhouse in March.

Of the lofty leadman, Clarke said: "I think me and Jon are on very similar wavelengths.

"The same things that frustrate him, frustrate me."

McClure, aka The Rev, has recently complained about the lack of young British artists using songwriting as a tool for political and social change. But he admits to admiring Clarke.

Clarke said: "I've been at home before and Jon's just rung me up and we've basically just sat there and said what a stage the country is in sometimes."

The admiration runs both ways, Clarke reckons The Rev is setting the standard for writing more socially aware lyrics.

The Reverend
The Rev strikes a pose in Cannes
He said: "I think he's one of the few people of our age that watches the news with the same contempt as I do.

"Our generation, I think, just feels like everything is okay and we've been plodding along just getting on with the nine to five and I just think we need to open our eyes.

"Jon is not afraid to say what he thinks is up and that's very rare."

With both bands working on their second albums, Clarke added he's hopeful they will manage to collaborate in the future.

He said: "Yeah I'd love to and I know he's up for it too but both of our schedules are so full at the moment it's been hell trying to organise it."

New material

Many of the tracks on The Enemy's debut album, We'll Live And Die In These Towns, tell of the frustrations of working in dead end jobs in Coventry, having no money and having nothing to look forward to.

Clarke said he'll be sticking to similar themes for the next LP.

He said: "We're out of that situation now but that's not to say that the same things don't frustrate us and the same things don't ignite the fire in your belly.

The Enemy
We've been plodding along just getting on with the nine to five and I just think we need to open our eyes
Tom Clarke
"We've already written a lot of tunes and they're being written from the same place, from the same place in our hearts and the same place in our heads.

"But you'll have to wait and see, I love it."

The band have already showcased one of their new songs during their recent record breaking six night run at London's Astoria.

Clarke explained: "It's called Sing When You're In Love, Sing When You're Out of Love.

"We wrote it, literally about a fortnight ago, while we were in Cov and it's just a dead simple song.

"It's been amazing, people have been singing it while they're learning it."

The Enemy are playing a charity gig on 30 April for the charity Vinvolved, a new scheme to encourage more people to volunteer in their community.

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