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Last Updated: Thursday, 21 February 2008, 06:48 GMT
The Brits effect: Who will benefit?
by Kev Geoghegan
Radio 1 music reporter

The history books will remember the Brits 2008 as a year of no real surprises.

Arctic Monkeys

Sure, the smuggest of smiles may be wiped off Simon Cowell's face after his prize bloom, Leona Lewis, was snubbed in no less than four categories, including British single - normally a gimme for the winner of X Factor.

A good night for Arctic Monkeys, picking up the coveted British group and album.

Sadly, nothing for the artists on the fringes of pop stardom, but who will have gained the most from the event?

Bat for Lashes
Bat for Lashes

It was always a tough ask for Natasha Khan in the breakthrough and best female categories.

There was a bit of an awkward silence as her name was called out as a nominee in both categories.

Uniquely, depsite the loss, the nominations alone will have proved a good night for the indie artist.

Her Mercury nominated debut album, Fur and Gold, charted at number me 48 with her most recent single barely entering the top 150.

The Brits have, at least, been a showcase for the Brighton singer on a global scale.


Overall, Mercury Prize-winners Klaxons have got to be disappointed losing out on the breakthrough and live acts to Mika and Take That.

The boys made the most of the night. Their collaboration with Rihanna was one of the event's highlights. With the Brits catering for an international audience, the performance could boost their profile in the US.

Watch for a boost in their American record sales.

Richard Hawley
Richard Hawley

There's no doubt, Richard Hawley would have admitted to being the serious underdog in the British male artist category.

A firm favourite of the Arctic Monkeys, particularly singer Alex Turner, he sat with the band and was genuinely pleased with their success.

Despite losing out to Mark Ronson, the Brits nomination is a first for Hawley, bringing him into the public eye.

The nomination will do more for his career than missing out on the 2006 Mercury Prize.

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