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TV model overcomes eating disorder

Jade McSorley
Jade McSorley says she'll always be battling with anorexia

A contestant on the latest series of Britain's Next Top Model, Jade McSorley, has hit the headlines after it was revealed she's battled anorexia in the past. But the 21-year-old, who weighs seven stone (44kg), says she thinks working as a model is actually helping her.

You've battled anorexia in the past. What do you think about people focusing on that? Would you rather people talk about something else?

It was my choice to be honest about it. It was me that came out with it. Obviously I knew by doing that, I knew it wasn't going to be a topic that people were just going to leave alone. I don't want it to be about that all the time.

I hope people can move away from that and maybe see more model potential. There is more to me than just what I suffered with. I hope that I can finally move away from it. I'll be honest about it if people ask me questions and that's all I can think I can be.

Is that part of the motivation for wanting to talk about it, to get the topic out of the way?

Yeah, hopefully. I hope, despite what's happened in the past, that if I've got potential and people think I've got potential, I hope that comes through anyway and they just forget about that. It is in the past, I am trying to build it up from that. I just want to leave that part alone now.

Is it something you feel you'll always have to battle with or are you past it?

The worst is behind me. I think with anybody who's suffered an eating disorder, I think they'll always say that it's something you have to live with forever. It's something that crops up and you've got to keep telling yourself to be healthy, you've got to keep going on. I think it's just like a scar. It never truly leaves you. As long as I'm happy and as long as I'm doing something that I love, it will never, ever affect me in that way it did before.

Was modelling a healthy environment for someone to go into who had an eating disorder?

I think we just came to the point, me and all my family, they just wanted to change my situation. I just wanted to change my situation so much. I just wanted to be happy again. It was kind of unfortunate that the thing that makes me happy is fashion and modelling. If it was something different it probably wouldn't be as much of a problem.

When I went in I did honestly think I was promoting the wrong issue and I did actually think about pulling out at one point. But then I do get comments all the time saying, 'If you put the weight on, you will be better, you will be more successful, you could get booked for this job'.

It kind of kept reinforcing to me that I've got to get the weight on and I've got to get healthy and do the right thing. It was more positive in a way than negative and the industry isn't just forcing girls to be skinny because they're not. They're actually doing the opposite to me.

Jade McSorley was talking to Newsbeat's Chris Smith.

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