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Page last updated at 06:59 GMT, Wednesday, 29 April 2009 07:59 UK
Swine flu halts Brit Cancun party

By Jonathan Blake
Newsbeat reporter in Cancun

Holidaymakers in the Mexican party capital of Cancun are deciding whether to head home early as the country attempts to contain swine flu.

Brits on holiday in Cancun
Shane Hartnett and his mates were offered a flight home from Cancun

It wasn't supposed to be the last night of their holiday.

But Shane Hartnett, 23, and his mates from Slough are having one last session before flying home a week early.

"We are really upset," he said. "If we'd known we were going home this week we'd have partied twice as hard last week."

The twelve of them decided to cut short their trip after being offered a flight by their holiday company.

"We decided as a group it's best to take the opportunity and go home," said Peter Bromfield, 24.

"Walking round here there doesn't seem to be a panic, there's no emergency that I can see.

Cancun nightlife
Cancun's nightlife is already suffering from less tourists

"It's when I speak to people at home or watch the news I get a bit worried."

In Cancun, there are hardly any signs of swine flu. The bars and shops are open as normal.

People look at you strangely if you're wearing a mask.

Still many people on holiday here are worried, though, like Josh Lowe and Lisa Hollinson from Maidstone in Kent.

"We've been having calls from family back home, that's the only reason we know it's here," said Lisa.

"He's telling me not to panic but today we've seen people wearing masks."

'Everyone's really down'

Holiday companies have started cancelling flights to Mexico. Some are laying on extra services to take people home.

A couple from Falkirk who recently returned from Cancun became the first people confirmed to have swine flu in the UK.

Some here are much more relaxed about the situation.

"I don't want to go home yet, I'm not ready to go home," said Lauren from Essex.

She's on holiday with her friend Amy, who's determined to have a good time.

"As good as you can have, everyone's really down, you can't help but worry a bit," she explained.

Lauren and Amy from Essex
Laura and Amy say they're not ready to go home

As people make their minds up whether to stay or go, the bars carry on pumping out the music and the waiters continue trying to charm people in.

Tourism is hugely important to Mexico's economy and this resort is already being affected.

Shane says it's put a downer on the holiday, and the lads will be sad to leave.

"100 per cent. We've all really been looking forward to the holiday for the whole year and now we've got to go home early."

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