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Will cigarette images put you off smoking?

Ashley and Nick

Nick: "I smoke about 15-20 a day and I'm trying to give up. Most of the photos don't really bother me but the throat cancer photo is really shocking. It's nasty I don't like it. I think it's far too graphic."


Julie smokes three to four cigarettes a day. She said: "Some of the photos are pretty disgusting and quite worrying. I would think twice about picking up a pack of cigarettes looking at that."


Ashley's 20 and smokes 20 a day. He said: "The written warnings don't have any effect on me, the message doesn't hit home. The photo warning me I could be impotent would grab my attention."

Mark and Tina

Mark and Tina are both smokers. Mark said: "I'm fully aware of the risks of smoking and do try to watch how much I smoke. But I don't think the photos will make a difference."


Jake's 19 and smokes 10 a day. He said: "Before I looked at the photos I really didn't think they'd have any affect on me. I think the photo of the dead guy is just a bit too hardcore."



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