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Britons head abroad for dentists

Sinead Garvan
Newsbeat reporter in Lincoln


It might be a good place for a stag party or cheap weekend away but would you go all the way to Hungary just to get your teeth seen to?

One company reckons it is the answer to shelling out hundreds or even thousands of pounds on treatment in the UK.

The Hungarian Dentist Travel Company is spending the next week touring the country with a tent as their consultation room.

Their first stop is a farm in Lincoln, where the company is based.

Patient Malcolm Bramell said: "If I had a tooth implant it would cost 2,100 privately in Lincoln. I am with the NHS but they don't do implants here. I'm here to see how much it would cost if I went to Hungary.

"The dental services in the UK are awful. It is even worse in Lincoln, going back a year ago there were queues outside dentists, hundreds and hundreds of people waiting for dentists."

Bouncy castle

The inflatable tent is blue and white and looks a bit like an indoor bouncy castle.

Dentist Dr Frank Kannmann said: "Today we are only making estimates for patients. They need bridges, crowns, dental surgery, bone graft, those treatments."

The consultation will cost you 15 and once you've checked out the dentist will discuss options for going to Hungary for the treatment.

Gavin Burrow, 22, told Newsbeat: "I'm here to sort my teeth out, I need three crowns, an extraction of my wisdom tooth and gum treatment."

When asked why he hasn't gone to an NHS dentist he said: "Because I can't find one nowhere. No one will have me."

Makeshift surgery

This is one of the reasons why every appointment at this makeshift dentist surgery on a farm is taken.

People who are being quoted 30,000 for treatment are going across and to have it in Hungary
Chris Hall
Hungarian dentist manager
There are not enough NHS Dentists so people are forced to go abroad or go private which is a lot more expensive.

Hungarian Dentist Travel said between 25 and 30 people go to Hungary with them every year.

Manager Chris Hall said: "People that are being quoted 10,000 20,000 and 30,000 for treatment in this country are going across and having it in Hungary for 68% less than here."

You still have to pay to get there and to stay there. However, there are flights going for as little as 10.

Sandie has been to Hungary with the company before.

She told Newsbeat: "The original cost I was quoted was 20,000, it was for a lot of work and I ended up - even with my fares - only paying eight."

So it can work out cheaper in some cases but that is only if you have a private dentist here.

There are not enough NHS dentists so people go abroad
The British Dental Association say there are over 600 more NHS dentists in the UK compared to last year.

They are also investing 200 million in to the service this year.

They advise against seeking treatment abroad because you won't get any aftercare.

Chris said that is not true.

He added: "It's unlikely but if it does then they are most welcome to come back to Hungary but also our portable dental theatre will be in the country two days a week."

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