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Rollasoles hit UK nightclubs

By Rebecca Pukiello
Newsbeat Reporter

Rollasoles are designed to take the strain off your feet

Girls, you know the feeling, you've worn your best heels, danced the night away and been left with very tired and sore feet.

But one company believes they have the answer. Vending machines selling a fold up ballet style shoe are being rolled out across the country to soothe those sore heels.

Alongside condoms and cigarettes, Rollasoles, which cost a fiver, are being tested out in clubs in the UK and could be heading to Ibiza, New York and Melbourne.

So how does it compare to other options and will anyone buy it?

Rollasole creator Matt Horan from Bristol believes the fold out shoes are a great way for girls to take the strain off their feet at the end of the night.

He told Newsbeat: "You put five quid in to the machine - break open the miniature shoe box and out rolls the ballet pumps.

"They roll up very small. You get a small bag to put your other painful high heels in whilst you slip on the pumps. Then you dance off home in comfort."

So far he said Rollasoles have proven to be a big hit.

Rollasoles creator Matt Horan
"The trail has gone well. We should be in a 100 clubs by Christmas. We've also got orders from Ibiza, New York and Melbourne."

Wearing your favourite party shoes - even if they are 5 inch heels - may look good but over time they could cause severe pain and health problems.

Les Bailey, a foot specialist from Parish and Bell Clinic, describes what can happen: "The big toe gets inflamed. Literally the bones wear their way through the flesh so you end up with no padding.

That hasn't stopped girls partying on a night out in Bristol who are certainly dressed to impress.

Best friends, Michelle and Hayley are wearing their best heels.

Michelle said: "I'm wearing white strappy stilettos with a four and a half inch heel."

Hayley added: "We like wearing heels as they make our legs look longer and makes us feel better in our clothes but at the end of the night it feels like you're walking on fifty blisters!"

So how do Rolllasoles compare to high heels?

Dawn Harris, 26, gave them a big thumbs up. She added: "They feel like heaven."

Rollasoles are being tested out in club vending machines
Others though were a bit sceptical of their design.

"They are very flat - feel the stones and bits of broken bottles underneath," said partygoer Sarah.

There are other roll up shoes on the market but they can cost a bit more than a fiver. You can also pick up gel pads that slip in to your shoe.

But would you part with your cash for a pair of Rollasoles on a night out?

"I think I'd keep my 5 and buy another drink. I'd keep my high heels on and struggle!", Sarah added.

Les meanwhile, said Rollasoles only offer a short term solution.

"Flat ballet shoes (like the ones from the vending machines) are OK as a temporary thing but not great all the time as they offer no protection to the foot."

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