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Action against rowdy Brits abroad
By Tamasin Ford
Newsbeat reporter in Zante

Drunk tourist in Zante
The Mayor of Laganas wants the resort to appeal more to families

Heavy drinking and bad behaviour by British tourists abroad has reached crisis point on one Greek island.

Officials in Zante are meeting British diplomats and officials to discuss what to do about young, rowdy tourists from the UK who cause trouble.

The Mayor of Laganas in Zante is so fed up he's demanding changes and says he wants to appeal more to families.

But there's a fear if young people stop going there, local businesses will suffer a downturn in trade.

The Laganas strip is 300 metres of bars and clubs that runs right down to the beach front.

You don't have to pay to get in anywhere and most give out free shots once you're inside.

There are no complaints from clubbers.

Leanne's from Dunstable. She's out in Zante with nine of her friends.

She told Newsbeat: "We're all dressed as mechanics. We're doing MOTs tonight and a lot of people need oiling."

Local disapproval

Laganas is like any other clubbing resort. It's all about the nightlife, cheap alcohol and having a great holiday.

The vibe is incredible on a night out, but not everyone's so happy about the type of tourist Laganas attracts.

Ambulance and tourists
An ambulance is called for a drunk British tourist
Maria lives up the road from the resort.

She said: "We don't deserve the reputation that goes with Laganas.

"I don't know why the children are drinking the way they are but the root of the problem is alcohol and enormous amounts. No normal person drinks that much."

Maria's seen the bad behaviour first hand.

"It was early in the evening. A young girl about 20 years old was blind drunk and got on top of the car," she said.

"She pulled her knickers down and did what you would normally do on a toilet seat."

There is a more serious side to this issue. Laganas has suffered in the press recently.

Just a few weeks ago, a 17-year-old boy from Sheffield died in the resort.

Drinking culture

The Mayor, Dionisis Komiotis, has spoken publicly about what he sees as inappropriate behaviour in his town.

He said: "We don't want the young people to walk out naked to cause problems and damage.

"We don't want them to annoy the rest of the guests and tourists and, of course, put their own lives in danger.

Beach in Zante
Zante has more than 70 miles of non-stop coastline
"We want the young people to enjoy themselves and go back home healthy and happy."

That's easier said than done. Tourists come to this resort to drink, have a good time and sometimes things get out of hand.

The British Embassy has been regularly dealing with incidents caused by heavy drinking in Laganas.

The UK ambassador, Simon Gass, says the problems are all to do with alcohol.

He said: "If you have a resort in which there are very large numbers of bars selling very cheap and often low quality alcohol in very large quantities, you can't be that surprised when you get an awful lot of people who end up drunk."

The UK ambassador to Greece has been meeting the mayor, tour operators and local businesses to try to sort out the problem.

The mayor wants to see families returning to the resort.

There is the fear, though, that if young people stop coming, the face of Laganas will change completely with businesses that rely on them, worried about their livelihoods.

Another option would be to put more police on the streets to support the bars and clubs and keep British tourists in line.

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