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Why you think STIs are on the up?
By Tulip Mazumdar
Newsbeat health reporter

After yet another warning about the high sexually transmitted infection rate among young people, Newsbeat has been out and about asking shoppers about their sex lives.

New figures from the Health Protection Agency show half of everyone diagnosed with an STI last year was aged between 16 and 24.

There was a seven per cent rise in the most common STI Chlamydia and in genital warts.

The number of people being diagnosed with herpes jumped up by 20%.

The government says some of the rise is down to more people being checked out, which they say is a good thing.

CHARMAINE - 'I always use protection'


As a lady obviously you need to protect yourself. Sometimes there are a lot of guys out there, you think you can trust them but when the crunch comes to it, it's like they're out there with this person, that person. The last time I had myself checked out was about two years ago.

I feel that obviously there are a lot of men out there that prefer not to use (condoms) because they say it don't feel nice. The girls like the guy so much that they go ahead with their wishes. I feel that's really, really bad because even if you like the guy, you just don't know. I always use protection.

JAMAL - 'I don't use condoms in a relationship'


In a one night stand it's very important (to think about STIs) because you don't know where they come from. You don't know their history. She might look like a nice girl but looks can be deceiving. But in a relationship you know them for a time, so it's more nice without it. But still, depends if she's comfortable with it.

It's not just about me, it's about her at the same time. If you go out and it just happens, like a one night stand then yeah, you have to use a condom. But if it's a relationship then you can just do it (without protection) and she can maybe get the pill. It depends on how you click with someone (whether you use a condom or not). But you can't trust no-one.

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