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Last Updated: Thursday, 28 February 2008, 07:40 GMT
Behind the scenes at sports star rehab clinic
By Nadia Dahabiyeh
Newsbeat reporter, Hampshire

The Sporting Chance Clinic in Hampshire
Tony Adams' Sporting Chance Clinic in the Hampshire countryside

Nestled in the tranquil Hampshire countryside is the Sporting Chance Clinic where professional sports stars who have fallen off the wagon go to get help.

Set up by former England footballer Tony Adams, it treats those with alcohol, drug, gambling or sex addictions.

Many big Premier League names have been there for treatment.

Chris Moredew is the director of training. He told Newsbeat: "We're not interested in the client's salary or how many caps they've won. It's a facility where people can come and address their problems."
The kitchen in the Sporting Chance Clinic in Hampshire
The kitchen in the clinic, proving sports stars like baked beans

Pampering not on offer

Clients are allowed to use the spa's multi-million pound leisure facilities to help them remain fit during their stay, but there are no facials or body scrubs on offer.

Instead, they follow a strict regime of individual and group therapy sessions, workbooks and yoga. Mobiles are banned and watching television is only allowed in the evening.

One former client is Clarke Carlisle. Just after being capped for the England Under 21s and joining QPR, the defender got an injury and turned to alcohol.

The lounge in the Sporting Chance Clinic in Hampshire
The telly in the clinic's lounge is only allowed on at night
He said: "After training I'd go to my local and have a few pints. Then when I was bloated I'd shift onto some cocktails or shooters and then when my friends had finished work we'd crack on into town."

Life-changing treatment

The player's turning point came when he arrived for a match looking worse for wear and was sent home. It was then he went to the Sporting Chance Clinic.

A massage table in the clinic
One of the massage tables in the clinic to ease away aches and pains
Carlisle told Newsbeat: "It was mentally and physically draining, going through all these emotions in your past. There are always reasons for behaviour and getting to the roots of those problems was liberating".

Carlisle said going to the clinic had completely changed his life for the better. He explained: "I know I wouldn't have had the lovely marriage that I have now or the career I have now as I was days away from getting the sack from QPR".

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