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Last Updated: Monday, 18 February 2008, 10:17 GMT
Men go mad for ‘boyzilians'
Jonathan Blake
Newsbeat reporter

Ask Oliver Stafford, 27, why he gets his upper and inner thighs waxed regularly and the answer is simple: "The ladies like it".

Man having his bikini line waxed
The boyzilian is the equivalent of a woman's bikini line wax and is proving popular with gents who want the smoother look.

The model has been having the equivalent of his bikini line waxed for years and explained: "It makes it nice and trim and smart, and kinky I guess."

He's not surprised more and more men are going for so-called 'boyzilians': "It's quite normal, masculine and there's nothing wrong with it".

The 'sunga'

There are no official statistics but salons across the UK say there's been a big rise in the number of men having intimate wax treatments.

Claire Bennett from the British Association of Beauty Therapy and Cosmetology said: "It does seem to be on the rise, certainly salons are busier."

At 'Brazilias' waxing studio in Upminster men can choose from a list of treatments including a 'sunga' and a 'speedo'.

The procedures cost between £12 and £75 depending on how much hair is removed.

I think they used to hide it before, whereas since the David Beckham ad, I think they're quite proud to admit to it.
Kim Lawless

Kim Lawless, who runs the salon, says most of her clients are men: "It's difficult to put a figure on but I've roughly worked out there's been a 600% increase in the last year."

Beckham effect

Many people say David Beckham has had a lot to do with the rise in waxing for men.

The footballer's recent underwear advertising campaign showed him looking smooth around his upper and inner thighs.

Kim agrees the photo has had an effect on changing men's attitudes: "I think they used to hide it before, whereas since the David Beckham ad, I think they're quite proud to admit to it."

There are potential risks though, Claire Bennett from BABTA warned: "You can get problems with in-growing hair if the hair is long and dark, and the skin can become sensitive to any sort of heat treatment."

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