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Clifford 'concerned' about Katona

By Sinead Garvan
Newsbeat entertainment reporter

Kerry Katona
Kerry said she was slurring because of medication she's on

Kerry Katona's publicist Max Clifford has told Newsbeat he is "increasingly concerned for her health and happiness".

It comes after the 28-year-old slurred her way through an interview with Phil and Fern on ITV1's This Morning. Kerry blamed it on her medication.

Max Clifford said he didn't know Kerry was going on the programme. He said: "There's no way she should have done that interview. It was arranged by MTV to promote her new show.

"Had we been with her, we would have stopped it from happening."

He told Newsbeat he didn't know if she had been drinking before the interview.

"Mark, her husband, says she hadn't been drinking, it was purely down to her medication," he added.

"Kerry's asleep but apparently was very upset after the interview, and from everything I've heard I can understand why.

"Had we been there we wouldn't have allowed the interview to happen, whether it was the medication or not, it looks and sounds bad."

He said lots of people had called his office asking whether Kerry was okay in response to seeing the interview.

'Fragile soul'

He said: "A lot of damage has been done. I'm sure that a lot of people watched it and I know from the feedback of the show they are worried about her."

Clifford also said he didn't blame her husband Mark for allowing it to go ahead.

He said: "That's not his responsibility. He's her husband, he's not her manager. He's not an expert on the entertainment business.

"I've been increasingly concerned about Kerry in recent times - she's a fragile little soul.

Max Clifford

I need to sit down and talk to her. Kerry is more than just a client

Max Clifford

"She's someone who's had a real nightmare of an upbringing and has fought very hard to overcome it, which is one of the reasons she's so popular."

He also said he didn't agree with Kerry posing for a Zoo magazine photo shoot designed to show off the 15,000 of surgery she's had done.

"In my view it was totally the wrong thing to do - and why she did the interview this morning when she was slurring words - it shouldn't have happened," he said.

Max explained Kerry does have Bipolar Disorder, which is a form of depression, but whether the slurring was anything to do with her medication was irrelevant.

He said from a public relations point of view she should not have been allowed to do it.

"I need to sit down and talk to her. Kerry is more than just a client.

"I've grown very close to her over the last five years through all the dramas and heartache she's had.

"We are close but I must admit after today, and in view of what's gone on over the last few months, I am increasingly concerned for her health."

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