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Sugababes reveal all their gossip

Before the girl band release their seventh album the threesome talk about recording in America, rumours of romance with Kanye West and snooping in Jay-Z's toilet.

Sugababes joined Scott Mills to premier new single Get Sexy

Lots to talk about, you've been over in the States, what's been happening there?

Heidi Range: We went over there to LA and New York and basically recorded the whole of the album - this is our seventh album. We had a fantastic time and worked with some of the biggest producers in the world at the moment. It was a really exciting process for us.

Who did you get to work with?

Keisha Buchanan: Neyo's got a song on the album which he wrote for us. It's amazing; it's called No More You. We worked with Stargate who has done like Beyonce and Rihanna. We worked with RedOne, Lady Gaga - just so many amazing people. We signed with Roc Nation as well which is Jay-Z's label.

What have they brought to the album?

Keisha: I think it's given us a fresh energy again. I think the one thing we wanted to do was come back with something different. With each album we've always worked with a new producer and come out with a single which is so standout from the rest of the album. I think with their energy coming in, it's definitely given us some life. It's definitely got the British feel throughout the album - we've not gone away and gone 'All American' on our fans.

The single has just premiered on radio, how are you feeling?

Keisha: It feels really exciting I can't wait to hear the feedback from everyone. I left it on my Twitter earlier that we're going to be on radio. The pressure is on.

Sugababes recorded their 7th album in America

Heidi: I don't know if I want to go on my Twitter tonight because you get all the opinions. And its like 'Do I go on?' or 'Do I not go on?'.

Amelle Berrabah: We love the track at the end of the day - that's all that matters.

For this LP it says on your website it's new tunes, new style, new haircuts. Is this all for the new album?

Keisha: I think a bit of both we felt so excited about going in with all these amazing people in America and we thought we just needed a boost and so we all just decided to change our look. We just thought it was important this time around.

You've signed to Jay-Z's label in America, what'd it like being signed to his label?

Keisha: It's great because obviously you're in good company as far as Rihanna and Beyonce are concerned. We're just really glad - this is the biggest thing to actually happen to us. We're so proud of the album and so excited about it and that there's a great buzz around it.

Have you met the man himself?

Heidi: We've been in his office. We were snooping I think but he was in a different country. Every time we landed somewhere he'd be the other place so we didn't actually meet him yet.

What did you find in his office?

Keisha: Loads of art and family photos. I had to use the bathroom. I think we all did, just to use the en suite bathroom!

Amelle: Didn't he have black tissue paper or is that just my weird memory?

Keisha: One thing I do remember though is that I didn't even need to use the toilet I just went in there just to touch around. I was like holding the handle thinking 'Beyonce has definitely been in there, she's definitely held that'.

You mentioned before this is your seventh album, do you feel like pop veterans?

Keisha: In some ways - we're just like survivors. I'm awful, I think we all are for longevity. I'm just so glad we've been able to have the chance for this long because people don't get the chance. It's your seventh album - not a lot of girl bands get to that point so we're just really proud to get to that stage. I'm glad people are still in interested in Sugababes.

Is there a long term plan for Sugababes, when will you keep going until?

Keisha: Just as long as we're happy. I think the moment when we're not really enjoying it anymore we'll probably call it a day.

If you Google Sugababes the first thing which comes up are the rumours about Kayne West's love for you…

Amelle: He's still with his girlfriend isn't he? Amber Rose? They're still together they're happy.

Keisha: He [West] came up to me a little while ago - because he was in relationship when the first rumour came out about him and Amelle - and he came up to me because he thought I was Amelle and he was like 'You know that caused a lot of drama' and I was like 'I don't even know what's going on'. I don't think he even believed me. Then we managed to clear it up and he was like 'I'm not mad at you any more'. If he has a girlfriend I think it's good that we set the record straight and say that that wasn't the case.

Amelle: He's a great artist and we'd love to work with in the future so good luck to him.

Sugababes were speaking to Newsbeat entertainment reporter Sinead Garvan

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