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Jacko fan 'amazed' at memorial tickets

Interview by Tracy Ollerenshaw
Newsbeat reporter

Michael Jackson poster
Boy signs a Michael Jackson poster outside LA's Staples Center

More than 1.6 million fans registered for tickets for Michael Jackson's memorial service. 8,750 have now been handed out with fans who haven't won one being told to stay away from the Staples Center in Los Angeles on Tuesday. One lucky British fan who's won two tickets is 17-year-old Jade Wood from Stafford. She now has to choose who's going with her mum to LA - her or her twin sister.

Why did you go for these tickets in the first place? Why do you love Jacko so much?

My mum and my sister, they're the fans, but I wanted to go because my mum and my sister had helped me through a lot of bad years. So I wasn't really expecting them because I knew there weren't enough tickets for the people going round. I was dead surprised when I got the letter, or when my mum got the letter because it was in her name.

What was your reaction like when you found out you had the tickets?

At the time, I was out with my mates and my mum was like, 'Come home', but I was at somebody's house this morning. She got the letter and told me and then I was proper shocked. I tried to get out of college but I couldn't because if I don't finish this coursework then I'll fail.

Who is going to go to Los Angeles then out of you, your sister and your mum?

Even when I was little I was listening to Michael Jackson. It was only a few years ago that my sister started to listen to him
Tania, 17, thinks she should probably go to the memorial

We asked for four [tickets] because my mum's friend wanted to go as well. There was going to be the four of us and we only got two out of the four tickets. They apologised for not having the other two, because they said so many people are going.

But to get two, out of all those millions of people applying, is amazing isn't it?

We were pretty amazed until we got over it. I don't think any of us wanted to go to LA on our own because it's a big country. None of us have been abroad, apart from my sister, who went to Spain last year. Hardly any of us have been abroad. I think we're all going to talk about it when everyone's home and see who really wants to go and who can cope with not going.

How are you going to figure it out? You and your twin sister and your mum but only two tickets between the three of you. What are you going to do?

My mum will go with one of us. Me and my sister are only 17 and we've never properly been abroad, apart from my sister. My mum will definitely go and then it's just up to me and my sister to choose.

Do you think you'll have to do a Jacko quiz then?

We'll decide who could get time off because if one of us can't get time off it's easier for the other person to go.

Do you think you deserve to go more?

Probably but I'm not quite sure. Yeah. Most probably.

Why do you think you deserve to go more?

Even when I was little I was listening to Michael Jackson. It was only a few years ago that my sister started to listen to him. I did originally apply for tickets through my mum's name because my mum and my sister did help me through the bad times. It might to go down to that.

Realistically, how are you and your sister going to choose who goes to Los Angeles?

I'm not sure. Usually me and my sister agree on everything. It's going to be pretty big. I think we'll have a proper discussion which will go on for hours. Or we'll do rock, scissors, paper.

We usually solve things like that. If we can't decide it'll probably be the best of three. I don't know whether it's because we are twins or not but we usually get the same ones for about 20 minutes. Then we start getting bored and let each other win.



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