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Tributes left at Jackson's house

By Jonathan Blake
Newsbeat US reporter in Los Angeles

Young Michael Jackson fan
Fans young and old paid their tributes outside Jacko's home

In the sweltering midday heat, fans came quietly and calmly to leave tributes at the Jackson family home.

They brought everything from flowers to candles to CDs to homemade cards quoting the superstar's lyrics.

And slowly, since Michael Jackson's death on Thursday evening, the pile beside the metal gates of the house has grown bigger.

"We're leaving a sign and flowers," said Brittany Vontendall who had come with her sister and her mum.

"For the family to know how much he meant to all of us. And to tell his children how sorry we are for their loss," said her mother Diane.

Police stood guard at the entrance to the house, shielding Michael Jackson's parents and his children from the army of media lined up across the street.

The entire road in this suburb of in the north of Los Angeles had been closed to traffic.

But every so often a car would drive in or out, and the camera crews would snap into action.

Michael's father Joseph Jackson was spotted in a people carrier returning home and his mother Katherine was filmed at a local shop.

Emotional tributes

Many of the people who'd come to lay tributes were neighbours, who see the Jacksons regularly.

Lucy and Giselle Mendez said they were used to media attention but the reaction to Michael Jackson's death had been different.

"This is unprecedented. We lost a musical genius. It's shocking, most of all, it's shocking," said Lucy.

Lucy and Giselle Mendez
Lucy and Giselle Mendez couldn't believe the reaction from fans

Giselle said they would often spot Michael Jackson's parents eating in local restaurants.

"We saw his family more than him. They look like really good people.

"It's very emotional. He lived for performance. Everything that he did was for us."

Soon enough the camera crews will pack up and leave, and the tributes will be picked up and moved.

But for now people in Los Angeles are trying to keep their memories of Michael Jackson alive.

"It still hasn't really hit that he passed away," said Matthew from California.

"I think now coming to this it's kind of sinking in that he's not with us any more," he added.

Maybe that was why it was so quiet.

Those who had come to the house realised how close they were to Michael Jackson's family, who would be feeling the loss the most.

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