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Fans flock to see Jacko's 'star'

By Jonathan Blake
Newsbeat US reporter in Los Angeles

s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

Michael Jackson made LA his home, and days after his death people in the city are doing their best to keep their memories of him alive.

His face is on T-shirts being sold on the street, his songs are on the radio and his name is on everyone's lips.

The singer's star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame has become a shrine to the "King of Pop".

Michelle and Tasha Himming, both 17, had made the long trip from Texas to pay their respects.

Michelle and Tasha Himming, both 17
Michelle and Tasha Himming travelled from Texas to LA

"He's like a father to me" said Michelle.

"It's Michael Jackson, the greatest man in the world, you have to come see Mike," added Tasha.

The excitement of being there had got to them, as they walked on and broke into a medley of their idol's hits.

The queue to walk past the star outside the Chinese Theatre was stretching back at least 100 metres (328ft) along Hollywood Boulevard.

Some people were clutching flowers, others had copies of Michael Jackson's albums, but most just wanted to come and take a picture.

"It was sad because he died before he started his tour," said Malik, 14 from Los Angeles.

He'd come with his friend and said Michael Jackson's music inspired him to learn to dance.

"It's different from everybody else's music today. Dirty Diana, I like that song, and Bad."


In a city that hosts the Oscars and has so many famous stars as residents, it takes something big to get everyone's attention.

"I've been living here for 35 years, most of my life, and I've never seen anything this crazy," said David from LA.

"It's hard to describe it. It's like something I've never seen. It's very emotional," he said.

Michael Jackson fans on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

A Michael Jackson impersonator entertained the fans who were waiting in line.

He had the black curly hair, mirrored sunglasses and white glove that gave Jacko such a distinctive image.

But he did not have the voice, the moves or the presence, which made Michael Jackson one of the most famous men on the planet.

Joseph Orteze, 11, was doing his best to look like his hero by wearing a Michael Jackson T-shirt and black trilby hat.

"He's awesome" he said. "I grew up on him. So yeah, I'm gonna miss him."

And everyone who was waiting to see the star, almost completely covered by a pile of tributes, had their own reasons to miss Michael Jackson.

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