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Meet the Big Brother contenders

Big Brother contenders

This year's 16 Big Brother contenders may have made it into the house - but they soon discovered they are not house mates yet. That will depend on whether they each complete a personal challenge.


Kris was one of the first boys to enter the Big Brother house - which has now been a feature on UK screens for 10 years. He absolutely loves his hair and one of his favourite lines is "curls get girls".


Twenty-eight-year-old Beinazir from London still lives at home and promises to be straight-talking. She already works with "disaffected youths" which might help her with some of the unruly housemates.


Aspiring politician Freddie, 23, may find it hard to get used to the tough conditions in this year's house which currently has no beds. He grew up, and still lives in, a stately home with four staff.


Part-time glamour model Karly chose her blonde look for the house - having appeared as a brunette in the audition video. She made it into the Top 100 FHM High Street Honeys and likes footballers.


Despite the tattoos and piercings Lisa says that her downfall is her lack of confidence. The spiritualist says her bad habit is clearing up so she might prove to be very popular in the house.


Wolverine lookalike Marcus is currently single and lives alone with his cat, although he says he's popular with the ladies. He admits his bad habits are swearing, arguing and chewing his nails.


Single mother-of-two Saffia says she always gets everything she wants. Wonder if that'll prove tricky living in a house that has nothing but cold water and a bucket with a hole?


Twenty-year-old Sophie has already appeared in Playboy and hasn't ruled out a boob job, even though she's 30GG. She says she was going to be an air hostess until she realised she didn't like flying.


Sophia may be 4'11" (1.50m) but that didn't stop her making an impression on the way into BB with her uncontrollable giggling. She says her worst habits are breaking into song and talking to herself.


Angel's pantomime antics didn't go down that well with the BB crowd but that didn't stop the professional Russian boxer from telling them she loved them. The fitness fanatic moved to the UK 12 years ago.


Eighteen-year-old student Cairon was born in London but brought up in the US. He admits to having an eye for the ladies, says he loves wearing bright colours and wants to be the next 50 Cent.


Charlie won Mr Gay Newcastle and was a runner-up on Mr Gay UK. He says his bad habits are snoring, biting his nails and picking his nose which might not go down too well with the others.


Twenty-five-year-old Noirin is an all-Ireland athletics champion and she certainly doesn't have any issues with her confidence. She became the first house mate after having her eyebrows shaved off.


Singleton Rodrigo was born in Brazil and although he's not currently seeing anyone he loves hugging and kissing. He became the second official house mate after shaving Noirin's eyebrows off.


Sree's from India and currently studying for a masters in business. He usually lives with two girls who do all the cooking for him. He's never had a job and describes himself as the happiest man alive.


Fashion-lover Siavash is a bit vague about what he does for a living but is convinced he'll be a millionaire in 10 years. He claims that if a girl doesn't fall for his charms, he'll move on to another one.

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