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What's the Big Brother house like?

By Greg McKenzie
Newsbeat entertainment reporter

Big Brother house
Big Brother housemates will have to earn their place in the rest of the house

On the 10th anniversary of the show, the producers of Big Brother say they're looking to shock the new crop of housemates.

On entry on Thursday night the 16 contestants will have to live in one room, with no beds, just a stack of crates and old metal oil drums instead of comfortable sofas and bean bags.

But in a strange twist the 16 people will be given loads of tasks to complete to earn the right to become a full housemate and compete for the £100,000 prize.

On entry to the house it stank of paint and felt like I was in an old carpet shop, but was very bright. The theme "credit crunch minimalistic".

Big Brother house
The first time they will realise something is up is when they walk in and find one room and a garden
Big Brother executive producer Sharon Powers on BB10

On an inspection, the diary room is very small this year. Gone is the trademark sofa, replaced with an £8,000 chair.

On the first few nights they will be sleeping on the floor of the living room and will have no access to a kitchen or bathroom.

Big Brother executive producer Sharon Powers says they will be giving them cold porridge to eat each day and if they want to wash, they will have to fill a bathtub in the garden from a cold tap, using a bucket with a hole in it.

Sharon also told us how the 16 had been in hiding for weeks and had no idea what was in store for them.

"Everybody is expecting to walk into a normal Big Brother house with lots of rooms and furniture and places to go, and they will actually have this one living room and the garden," she said.

"After 10 years we are trying to come up with ways of surprising viewers and housemates.

"They (the would be housemates) will arrive in a car and walk through the crowd as normal and go into the house.

"The first time they will realise something is up is when they walk in and find one room and a garden."

Access all areas

Once the hopefuls have completed their tasks and become official housemates, they will be given access to the rest of the house, with one bedroom for the boys and one for the girls and a bathroom.

Crates in new Big Brother house
Housemates will sleep on the floor for the first few nights

The youngest person going into the house is 18 and the oldest 40, and Big Brother chiefs have promised BB's "most diverse and cosmopolitan" group ever, with contestants drawn from "the four corners of the world".

There will be a mix of straight, gay, lesbian and bisexual housemates and BB will enforce a ban on fake romances.

If a couple look like getting close, housemates will be asked to decide whether they are genuine or playing up for the cameras.

And in the wake of the Susan Boyle saga, questions have been raised over the way reality TV shows treat "ordinary" people who appear on them.

Sharon Power said Big Brother had "robust systems in place to look after the housemates' welfare, both during the 13 weeks the show is on air and after they leave the house".

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