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Backstage gossip from Big Weekend

By Sarah Jane Griffiths and Sinead Garvan
Newsbeat entertainment reporters

It's only May, but Dizzee Rascal reckons he might have come up with the catchphrase of the summer: Bonkers.

Dizzee Rascal, JLS and Calvin Harris chat to Newsbeat's Sarah Jane Griffiths and Sinead Garvan

His new track was one of the highlights of the main stage at Radio 1's Big Weekend on Saturday and Dizzee says he's been hearing the word a lot recently.

"I've had a few people shouting it out to me today, man. It's good though. Bonkers - that's the summer word. It's going off," he said.

He also roped in his mate Calvin Harris to join him on stage for their track Dance Wiv Me - which went down very well. Calvin had got some support from Dizzee earlier in the day though too, as Dizzee danced at the side of the stage to his single I'm Not Alone.

Calvin also managed to fit in a stage dive - launching himself into the crowd at the end of his set.

"It was kind of a last resort. Why not?" he said afterwards. "Do it at the end though, just in case you can't get back up. You don't want to do it during the first song. You don't want to take that risk. You've got to enjoy yourself though - you've got to set the precedent."

Calvin Harris
Calvin Harris joined in with the stage-diving trend - but at the end

Thankfully Calvin escaped with his blue shiny jacket in one piece - although the crowd seemed intent on ripping it off him. "I'm lucky as I'm quite attached to it. In some ways I think it did a lot better than me tonight."

The Saturdays steered clear of stage diving - instead requiring help on and off the stage in their fancy shoes.

"It's those ramps, you can't walk up it or down it!" explained Rochelle. "We live in heels though, so today was easy - we normally do dance routines but this was a rest. We wanted to do something different today, so we had the live band which was awesome."

The girls were chuffed with their opening set on the main stage, but sadly didn't have time to stick around and celebrate backstage as they had to head straight for a plane to Asia. They were definitely around long enough to get noticed though.

Saturday fever

Firstly by The Wombats. "We were quite excited by that," frontman Murph said. "We were just talking to someone and they walked past - and then we just completely forgot what we were talking about."

The Saturdays also proved a big hit with JLS and Fightstar. They were up first on the In New Music We Trust Stage, which meant missing the girl band's set.

The Script
The Script got a lady with a broken leg to wave her crutches in the air

"We've got a dressing room next door, and Omar from the band was actually really gutted," frontman Charlie confided. "He's like I just want to see them! He doesn't want to see them play, he just wants to see them."

At least it was something to take the band's mind off Charlie's bleeding finger.

"Well it seems to have split down the middle and is seeping blood. That's a sign of a good show though," he said.

But not if you ask Danny from The Script: ""The crowd shows their appreciation through their body movement, if they clap or they shout, or put their hands in the air. I even saw one lady with her crutches - she had a broken leg but both crutches were up in the air!"

Meanwhile Paolo Nutini preferred to go incognito backstage, after performing his new stuff in the Live Lounge. He says no one ever recognises him.

"A couple of people will be like, 'Are you the guy who sings about the shoes?' Yep. Somebody will come up to me and ask for somebody else's autograph. Somebody thought I was some dude out of The Enemy, one of the Gallaghers, couple of James Morrisons."

Paulo also said he was living in hope of bumping into Chris Moyles. "I met his Mum already today, hung out with her, had a laugh. So I need to see him now," he said.

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