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Apprentice reject: 'I wasn't going to beg'

Interview by Sinead Garvan
Newsbeat Entertainment Reporter

Science teacher Noorul Choudhury is the sixth contestant to get The Apprentice boot. He caught up with Newsbeat to talk about getting fired, being stopped in the street and his top tips.

Noorul Choudhury
Science teacher Noorul Choudhury said he learned a lot from The Apprentice

Nooral you're out, how are you feeling?

I'm alright actually, I've had a couple of days just to think things over but I am good about it. You know the six weeks I have had I learned a lot that I can use in my job and business.

How was the whole experience for you?

Well before going on the programme you have a strategy but you kick it in to touch because when you meet the people, when you look at what the tasks are about, it is grafting sometimes for 24 hours a day.

Even before the alarm goes off you are kind of awake, you want to get your shirt ironed, you want to run from the bathroom before everyone else does, some people take longer than others like myself.

Then you don't get home until twelve or one in the morning so it's quite stressful but it's very enjoyable.

You seemed quite confident when we first saw you on the show but then seemed quiet during the tasks, do you agree?

I totally disagree as on your videotape you have to sell yourself but when you go in there you realise there are candidates who come across as desperate to win.

I wasn't going to beg for the job, if Sir Alan wanted me I would have stayed but he didn't
Noorul Choudhury

I'm a man of integrity and professional, I treated this process as a proper job interview and I was going to be a real team player.

I didn't want to make my point just for the sake of getting more air time.

I think I contributed well, I survived six weeks, I was on the previous two losing teams and never got called to the boardroom, that says the previous team leaders must have seen I was good team player.

So what happened this week?

This week we had two flawed strategies. First, we had the idea we had to flog all the items or we'd incur penalties.

Secondly, we thought we should get rid of everything at whatever price.

I think Ben cracked under pressure, he took too much on. We had seven items to sell, the other team only had three. Ben should have been more decisive.

Why do you think Sir Alan fired you?

I've got ten years on Ben and I think from previous series the younger candidates have more lives than someone in my age bracket.

Credit to Ben he has played an integral role but he is a desperate man.

I think Sir Alan has made the mistake of confusing someone who's been very passionate about something with someone who's very desperate.

I wasn't going to beg for the job, if Sir Alan wanted me I would have stayed but he didn't.

Any regrets?

There are cringing moments and I would think I actually did something but they edited it out. There are little moments I wish they had left in and I think I would have come across differently.

What's it been like since you were fired?

You kind of have an expectation of what you'll come across when the show airs.

Noorul believes Yasmina is a strong contender

However, you never imagine being stopped in the supermarket and the street.

You get the odd muppet who'll put his window down and say "you're getting fired tomorrow."

A lot of it is positive, I was out on the weekend and I was coming out of the gents when a lady dragged me down to her table where her friends had pictures taken with me.

She was quite attractive actually. I wish I had got her number.

Who do you want to win?

I've got a few. I think out of the girls Kate is a really strong contender as is Yasmina. I also think Lorraine is a bit of a dark horse. Out of the lads I'm going to say James, he's an intelligent guy and I'm sure we'll see more of James.

And who should go next?

I should be saying Ben because he led to my downfall. But it's up to Sir Alan and I'm not going to be bitter as that's not my character. I am just going to wish luck to everyone.

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