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Ade: Kitchen was 'mental torture'

Comedian Adrian Edmondson was pipped to the post by Dynasty star Linda Evans who won this year's Hell's Kitchen after a close final. Ade caught up with Newsbeat to shed some light on what it was really like on the show.

Adrian Edmondson and Linda Evans
Ade says he'll stay friends with Linda

What happened straight after the show?

Absolutely nothing. It was a very big anti-climax because we were carted off singularly to see a psychiatrist. You have to see one before you go in to make sure you're not in ill health and then you have to see one when you come out to make sure you can go back into the outside world.

What was the verdict?

I'm allowed on day release!

You and Linda were good mates, so you weren't too upset she won?

We didn't really have a competition going at all from the beginning. It was a very uncompetitive kind of show all together. They kept on trying to make us feel excited about winning but it didn't feel like that at all.

Was it fun?

Some bits were fun, some bits were intensely boring and some bits were a bit annoying.

What was the most difficult thing to deal with?

Marco Pierre White and Linda Evans
Linda went home victorious after a close final against Ade

The most difficult thing to deal with is being asked how you feel about everything. What you do when you make these shows is you boil an egg, which takes about five minutes, then you go into that little wine cellar room and you talk about it for an hour.

And are asked: 'How did you feel about boiling the egg? Did the egg feel nice being boiled? Did Anthea see you boil the egg? What did she say? Did you like her seeing you boil the egg?' It goes on and on like that, it's just like mental torture.

What was it like hanging out with Linda?

You meet some people occasionally that you're going to stay friends with and she's one of them. She's a gorgeous woman, she's so classy.

What are your best memories of the show?

I really enjoyed it when Naomi and Danielle came back and the three of us actually did it for real.

What's really impressive about doing the show is occasionally you realise that you're in a real restaurant, cooking real food, for real people who are really eating it. That bit isn't light entertainment. When the three of us were left to pump out twenty tables worth of food, that felt very good because we did it very well.

Adrian Edmondson was talking to Newsbeat entertainment reporter Sinead Garvan.

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