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Obama's dog becomes kids' book
By Sima Kotecha
Newsbeat reporter in New York

The Obamas and their dog

The new addition to the White House is having a series of books written about him.

Bo the dog is possibly the most famous American canine after recently becoming part of the presidential family.

He was promised to Sasha and Malia when their dad won the US election in November last year.

And now the Portuguese Water Dog's starring in a set of children's books called Bo: America's Commander in Leash.

His scruffy black and white coat, and innocent looking eyes have made him a hit with people across the world.

Mascot Publishers in Virginia came up with the idea.

They've published over 150 books featuring mascots for things like American sports teams and and infant schools.

The author of the new books is Naren Aryal.

He said: "It's just a fabulous opportunity to write something about the most famous mascot in the world."

Bo meets Brown

Unlike most dogs, and most Americans, Bo will get to travel the world in the books.

He'll even get to come to the UK where he'll meet the Prime Minister.

Obama dog DVD
Obama's Portugese Water Dog will travel the world in the books

He'll also be taking part in some interesting White House traditions including the Easter Egg Roll where children race to push an egg through the grass with a big spoon.

The first book in the series will be out in the summer.

But not everyone's convinced the books will be a hit, especially with a price tag of around £10.

Marrisa Somma is 29 and is a student in New York.

She said: "I think they're (the publishers) cashing in on Bo. There's more important things going on around the world than the president's dog."

Technician Walli Beer added: "People shouldn't be wasting money on a book about the president's dog. They should be spending it on I don't know, food and stuff in these economic times."

Author Aryal hasn't met Bo yet but he's hoping to soon.

He says he'd like to personally present the Obamas with the first book when its released.

"I have a five year old daughter, Maya, who's been completely enthralled with the White House puppy," he said.

"She's been following the story and has been asking me about it so I thought why not write a book about him."


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