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Barrowman bigs up new Dr Who

Torchwood star John Barrowman has been giving his verdict on the new Dr Who, as well as talking about his latest entertainment show Tonight's The Night.

John Barrowman
John Barrowman in Doctor Who

You starred as Captain Jack Harkness in Doctor Who. How do you think Matt Smith will get on as the new doctor?

I was doing some radio publicity for this show and he was brought into the press office. He came over to me and we sat down and talked a little bit.

He's a nice guy. He's really excited about it. I think he's going to bring his own kind of flavour to it.

In the world of Who we're used to the doctor re-generating. That's what happens. The public go: 'We're going to miss him'.

But then they go right with the next guy. It's the series that's iconic.

Is Jack likely to make an appearance?

Jack will always return to the Tardis if the doctor is in need to help save the planet or conquer an alien race trying to invade. That's all I can say. You know how secretive we are.

Are there any similarities between your series Tonight's The Night and Simon Cowell's reality shows?

At the end of the show, there's no prize, there's no big contract. It's completely on the night you get your dream and that's it.

Simon's shows are about creating new stars, so we're completely different. We are entertainment, which is the only thing we have in common, which is a good thing.

What if the talent is really good?

John Barrowman
Barrowman says he gets very emotional on Tonight's The Night

If they turn out to be overwhelmingly good, that's great for us, that's what this show is about.

We're not looking for a star out of this.

If someone does see an act or performer who is really good and wants to then make them a star, we're great to be the ones to have helped them to that position. But we're not there to make them a star.

How do you help contestants shake off their nerves?

I always make a point of going over to them and speaking to them and telling them to have fun and enjoy their big night. It's their moment, their big night. I don't get nervous for them, I'm excited for them.

I get emotional on their behalf because the thought of somebody getting a dream that they could not buy, they could not get otherwise, to see their reaction, it's overwhelming.

You can be cynical but you cannot deny that it's emotional when you see it happen.

How ambitious are you?

I've always grown up with the ethic that my parents gave me that work creates work and the more that you're working the more work will come to you.

I do have ambition, I do have goals, but in general as they come along they get fulfilled, I don't go out and seek it.

You're not going to see me in four months going over to Hollywood and giving up over here and trying to make it in films.

But if someone comes to me and says: 'We'd like you to do a film' I'll go over and do a film and then I'll come back to my home.

John Barrowman was speaking to Newsbeat's entertainment reporter Sarah Jane Griffiths.

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