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Katie and Peter deny Hollywood 'snub'

Frances Cronin
Newsbeat entertainment reporter

Peter Andre and Katie Price
Peter and Katie say they ignored the publicists' advice

Katie Price and Peter Andre have hit back at claims they failed to make it in America.

The couple headed to the States for three months to film their new ITV2 show.

There were stories they had been snubbed, but Katie says they've got a number of deals in the pipeline from their time over there.

She says it was they who refused to play the Hollywood game.

Peter says American publicists told them they should have set up photo opportunities with American stars.

But Katie was having none of that: "We got asked to do set-up shots with certain people.

"I'm not saying names but we were like 'no, we don't want to do that'. If we are going to make it we'll make it by ourselves - not by being pictured."

They say the aim of their trip was for Peter to finish his album but that offers have come along and they are planning another trip in June.

Peter Andre and Katie Price
The US series captures the couple have plenty of rows

They were constantly followed by the paparazzi but many didn't know who they were.

"They sell it back to England", says Katie.

"It's weird when you get Americans going 'who are these people?' We just said don't worry, it's a British thing."

As for the show, the couple are as open about their relationship as ever, with plenty of rowing captured on camera.

But they say their marriage is strong, despite in the first episode Katie accusing Pete of cheating.

However, she has since changed her mind: "He's not cheating on me. At the time I had a bee in my bonnet because he was going to the gym the whole time."

Katie doesn't have any worries about being too open about their marriage either: "No regrets, no, because that's what we are."

Their openness sometimes leads to articles about their marriage being on the rocks, and Pete says that hurts: "I do feel it's a bit mean when people constantly batter our marriage. I don't think we've given real reason for it."

But Katie says she doesn't get upset about the things written about her.

"I don't mind being slated. As long as sometimes they say something nice because I don't want to be perfect.

Katie Price
Katie says she is thinking about adopting a child

"If they always write good stuff it's boring, but at least put some truth in it. Sometimes I read things and think if I was that person I'd be in a nuthouse."

As a sign of their strong marriage the couple say they have plans for more children.

In typically open fashion they also admit they're going to start trying straight after they've competed in the London marathon.

They are also planning to adopt a child. But they won't be doing a Madonna, or a Brad and Angelina.

"I cannot understand why everyone's going overseas to adopt when there are so many kids here that need adoption," says Katie.

The couple have no editorial control over their US TV show and despite no regrets about rowing on camera, Katie did have a few things she'd like to have changed.

"I'm like 'oh my god, why don't I have make-up on? And my lips look like Daffy Duck and I look really moody.'"

Katie had some work done on her lips and admits they were too plumped up.

As for the music, Pete's moving on from Insania and we're told his album is rock, urban, club and pop.

After their duets album Katie also has more musical ambitions: "We will do an album together. And I'm going to be doing an album - and Pete's going to be writing it with his team.

"Pete's will come out first, but I'm going to do it so I've got it in the bag ready."

Katie's is rumoured to be a dance album.

Katie and Peter The Next Chapter Stateside is on ITV2 on Thursday at 9pm

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