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Apprentice praises 'formidable' Sugar

Paula Jones has become the fourth contender to get the boot from The Apprentice following her team's overspend in the beauty product task. Newsbeat caught up with her to find out what life was like in the house, what she really thinks of Sir Alan and how she just wasn't prepared for the level of endurance you need to stay in the show.

Paula Jones
Paula thinks she should have been more outrageous

How does it feel to be kicked off the show?

Absolutely gutted, very disappointed. I thought I could've gone a lot further in the process. I can appreciate why Sir Alan made the decision he did but it doesn't stop me from thinking he was wrong and that Ben should've gone sooner than I.

Why did he fire you over Ben?

Probably because Ben is more controversial. I'm very considered, reasonably intelligent, don't come out with contrived one-liners like Ben does or offend like Ben does.

I think Ben just obviously really wanted it at all costs, aggressively so. I think Sir Alan probably surprised himself by choosing me.

Did the reality of the show meet your expectations?

They don't prepare you for the endurance that you have to undergo. Some days were 20 hour days, it's ridiculous. Hats off to anyone who's ever done the series before and anyone who like I did last year sits at home and says: 'I could that. What a dimwit, what a mistake to make'. Get yourself on there and give it a go because it's absolutely solid, it's really difficult.

You're mic-ed up constantly, you have to do things again and again, like getting in and out of cars.

Who would you like to win?

Sir Alan and some of the female Apprentice contenders
Paula thinks Yasmina is a strong contender to win the show

I'd like to see either James or Yasmina win, even though Yasmina turned round and stuck the boot in at the last minute in the boardroom. I've got a lot of respect for her and I think she's a serious contender.

James, I don't know what happens to him. When they point a camera at him, he just turns into a lunatic and starts going on about anything. But he's very good, he's got a lot of business acumen and I think he'll go far.

Who should go next?

Ben! No, I think Noorul should go next because Noorul's management skills on the last task were virtually non-existent, he's not a very inspirational person. I think the most life I've seen out of him was on his initial VT when he's giving it all the fighting talk saying how brilliant he is. Then he's come in and really not made much of a contribution at all.

What's life like in the house?

Sir Alan doesn't come to the house. He doesn't come and have a cup of tea with us and tuck us in at night. We're not there very often, you're out on tasks or you're doing your treat or the boardroom. We didn't get much free time but when we were there we all stuck together.

From my experience, and I can only speak for myself, I got on with everybody and had a good time.

Any regrets?

I haven't got any regrets no. Perhaps sandalwood - that's a regret. And maybe I could've been a bit more outrageous. Maybe that kind of behaviour would've made more of an impact and I would've made more of an edit.

I've been sub team manager twice and that didn't make the edit. I don't go around saying stupid things. Because I'm quite considered and reasonably intelligent that's boring television, if you're making good decisions all the time.

Do you think you came across well?

I was really pleased with the way I came across. It was very important to me when I got on the show to be myself and to enjoy myself and I absolutely did that. I had the best time. It's just been a fantastic experience.

Although one regret I do have is on the last task wearing a spotted dress, red tights, shoe boots, a mac, an apron and a pink bumbag. I think I looked like I'd escaped from somewhere and was going to feed pigeons. Not the best fashion decision I've ever made.

What do you make of Sir Alan?

Sir Alan is exactly what you see. He doesn't come and have a chat with you and see how you are. You only see him in the boardroom. He's not a mentor, nor should he be.

He's a formidable guy and he's exactly as he is on the television. But he's fair and he's just.

Paula Jones was talking to Newsbeat entertainment reporter Sinead Garvan.

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