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Tennant 'cried over final Dr Who scene'

David Tennant says he got emotional while reading his final moments as the 10th Doctor Who. The Scottish actor has six weeks left of filming and with the first of four Doctor Who specials airing on BBC One on Easter Saturday, he'll soon hand over his galactic reins to doctor number 11, Matt Smith.

David Tennant and Michelle Ryan

What can we expect from the Dr Who Easter special, Planet Of The Dead?

It starts with Michelle Ryan in a catsuit stealing something important. Then she tries to escape on a red bus, a London red bus. But London transport being what it is, it slips through a wormhole in time and space and ends up on a planet on the other side of the universe.

One of the preview clips shows lots of red, strange things dashing through the air.

There's a bit of a swarm. There's also another alien race that are on the planet too called the Tritovores and then there's also stuff going on back on Earth as well. I can't get back. I'm trapped. But luckily we manage to communicate through the worm hole because we doctor a mobile phone.

Is it a funny episode? Or is it a moving episode?

It's quite a romp I think. It's got some dark moments. There's a tiny little hint at the very end that it's all about to get a lot darker. Because obviously at the end of the year it's the end of the line for the 10th doctor. This is kind of a romp. This is the last time the doctor gets to have fun, in a way.

You're doing four specials, so you've got three more to go. When do they air on BBC One?

David Tennant and Jo Whiley
David Tennant told Jo Whiley he has six more weeks of filming

We don't really know yet. Number two will be in the autumn sometime and then the final two-part finale will be Christmas and New Year I would think.

In terms of filming where are you at?

I'm about six week away from the end.

How does that feel?

It feels OK at the moment because there are still six weeks left to go. but we're on these final scripts now, which are huge and epic and sad and brilliant and it's so exciting with incredible guest casts that I cannot tell you about and all sorts of things going on.

Talk us through when you read that. You've read the demise. What was it like?

I might have had a little cry. They were brilliant scripts and very moving. It was quite a big deal really. I sort of turned the phone off and made sure I could read it straight through without too much interruption.

Did you have any say in what happens?

Not really. Not really. I wouldn't really want to because Russell T Davies, our amazing writer, kind of does it all and I'm happy to let him do it all because he's pretty good.

How will it make you feel when you do your last day's filming?

I don't know. It'll be interesting. The last day, of course, isn't the last scenes as filming is now always out of schedule. So I don't know if I'll be sadder on the last day or filming the final scenes. That remains to be seen. It's weird because it's been four years. It 's been so all consuming and so life changing. It's been such a big thing.

How has it been different to how you thought it would be?

David Tennant
In Planet Of The Dead Dr Who meets alien race, the Tritovores

It's just the amount of attention it gets, the amount of scrutiny it gets and the amount your life is up for grabs. I suppose that's the bit that just takes a bit of getting used to. It's not bad. I'm not complaining about it and I knew what I was getting into to an extent. But you don't really know what that feels like until you're in it. It's a bit overwhelming.

What advice would you give to Matt (Smith), who's taking over as the 11th doctor?

He'll be fine. He doesn't need any advice. He'll be fine. He's got the hair. He'll be grand.

Have you met him?

We have met briefly ages ago and we chatted on the phone not too long ago. He's great. He's a great actor and he will do wonderful things with it, I'm sure.

David Tennant was speaking to Radio 1's Jo Whiley.

Planet Of The Dead is on BBC One on Easter Saturday at 6.45pm.

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