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Apprentice reject left with 'sour taste'

By Nesta McGregor
Newsbeat entertainment reporter

Former schoolboy footballer Rocky Andrews, the show's youngest contestant, reckons Sir Alan Sugar will never get the right man or woman for the job unless he leaves the boardroom.

Rocky Andrews
Rocky says he's looking forward to going back to the north-east

Rocky became the second person to be voted off the show after failing to lead the boys to victory in a task selling lunch buffets to office workers. After he was forced to give up on his dream of becoming a professional football due to arthritis, Rocky set up a sandwich company. He has 15 shops and earns more than the six-figure salary Sir Alan was offering but says he loved every minute of the experience.

You were fired on the second show, rightly so?

In my opinion, I didn't deserve be fired. I think Sir Alan should get out on the tasks and see them first hand. I think if he did that I wouldn't have been fired. He's sat in the boardroom, he sends out Nick and Margaret but they miss things. There are things going on they don't see, they can't see everything obviously. I respect all of them but I think if Sir Alan was out there seeing what was going on, seeing how I led the team, then he wouldn't have fired me.

Where do you think the boys went wrong with this week's task?

James McQuillan, Rocky Andrews and Howard Ebison
Rocky battles James McQuillan and Howard Ebison in the boardroom

Well in the morning we had to serve lunch to city workers and we did it themed. We based it on the London 2012 Olympics, so we wanted to represent all five continents as represented by the five rings in the Olympic logo.

We pitched having a chicken tikka sandwich to represent Asia, a peanut butter one for America, a ploughman's and stuff like that. In my opinion we lost 'cos the city workers take themselves a bit too seriously. If we'd have pitched this idea in the north, whether it be Manchester, Leeds or Newcastle I think we'd have come through and won because northerners seem to have a bit more fun in their attitude to things.

Were you disappointed to go just two weeks in?

I wanted to win the job, it's a 12 month contract with Sir Alan so it was 12 months of experience. I'm ambitious, like a challenge. I love the show so wanted a crack at the show really.

You earn more than Sir Alan was offering. Might this be a blessing in disguise?

After being involved in the task and seeing how people in the city operate and what they're all about I'm looking forward to getting back to the north-east. I've realised that the north is a brilliant place to do business, the people are on my wavelength. I'm really looking to get back into grafting and pushing my business forward.

So if not you, who deserved to get the chop?

I brought Howard and James back into the boardroom and Sir Alan went through all the candidates who were involved in the task and every single person said James should have been fired. For me, he's very abrasive and has a big mouth and gets in the way of things.

Would you recommend the show to budding entrepreneurs?

Sir Alan Sugar and the male apprentices
The boys proved unsuccessful at shifting lunches for city workers

Yeah, I've learnt a lot about myself. It's a brilliant experience. I'd do it next year again just to get out on the tasks. I would love another crack at it and wouldn't change it for anything.

Any truth about finding love on the show. Have you exchanged numbers with any of the girls?

Me personally no but, like I say, any romance on the show is nothing to do with me, I just let them get on with it.

So who do you want to see win?

I'm hoping Phil wins. People from the north are lot more straight talking. I am not generalising the south and the north. What I've experienced of city workers in this task has left a sour taste in my mouth. It's not for me. I wanna get back to the north-east and push my business forward because it's a brilliant place to do business.

Do you think this exposure will help your future business plans?

Obviously I hope it gives me a bit of exposure and improves my business. Separate to that I want to diversify into other areas of food management.

At 21, you're the youngest candidate. Do you have a message for Sir Alan?

Yeah, I think you made a mistake. I thought I was the most mouldable candidate on there. I'm not a back stabber, I get on it with it and work hard. So I think he's missed out.

Is there anybody you don't want to see win?

To be honest there's no-one I can say I don't want to see win. They've all got different agendas and get on with what they want. I have got my own agenda and now am off to the north-east to do my thing, that's it.

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