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Page last updated at 14:28 GMT, Wednesday, 18 March 2009
Jade Goody tribute 'in bad taste'
By Chris Smith
Newsbeat reporter

OK magazine
The 'Jade Goody official tribute issue' is already in the shops

OK! Magazine's latest issue, an 'official tribute' to Jade Goody, has been criticised by the online community and some of the star's relatives.

Messages from the public on the web have included comments like, "sick", "you vultures", "really disgusting" and "truly awful bad taste".

Jade Goody's at home in Essex, where she's being looked after by her mum Jackiey and husband Jack Tweed.

It's claimed she hasn't seen this week's OK!, although her family have.

Her spokesman Max Clifford told Radio 1 Newsbeat some of them weren't pleased.

"Jack's mum had seen it," he explained, "and, you know, she wasn't happy."

'They should apologise'

It's not the first time Jade's been on the front of OK!, of course.

They bought her wedding pictures, and that issue sold nearly two million copies - some of their biggest sales ever.

"If they've got it wrong then, you know, they should apologise for that, as I'm sure that they will," Max Clifford added," because no-one has handled Jade Goody more sensitively in recent times than OK! magazine."

The issue went on sale after reports at the weekend claimed Jade Goody had just hours to live.

OK! told Newsbeat that they'd spoken to Jade Goody's family who, they said, viewed it as being "very kind" to Jade and were grateful for the support the magazine had given them.

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