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Comic Relief does a little dance

Comedians Robert Webb from Peep Show and Paddy McGuinness from Phoenix Nights are preparing for the grand final of Let's Dance For Comic Relief. Robert Webb is singing and dancing What A Feeling from 80s film Flashdance while Paddy McGuinness is performing (I've Had) The Time of My Life from Dirty Dancing with Keith Lemon, Leigh Francis's alter ago.

Leigh Francis, Paddy McGuinness and Robert Webb

Are you excited about Let's Dance For Comic Relief?

Robert Webb: Yes, very excited. I'm not being at all cool about this. I'm absolutely thrilled and looking forward to it, and may the best dance win.

Are you feeling the pressure now or is it light-hearted?

Robert Webb: It is both quite light-hearted and there's a possibility I could break both my arms. So there's a bit of both.

You're the two stand out performances from the show. Did you expect, going into this, that that would be the case?

Paddy McGuinness: Well I didn't. I remember seeing Robert when he did his performance and thinking, 'Flipping heck. What have we let ourselves in for here?' because it was that good. You do your training during the week and it gradually gets better and better and better and then next thing you're on the show. All the audience are there and it's a nice buzz. Like Robert said, I don't think anyone's being cool about it. We're all thinking, 'Yes. Come on. This is good'.

Robert Webb: It's a good, old-fashioned, light entertainment show and everyone's just trying to put on a good show for the ladies and gentlemen. It's sort of refreshing.

Did you get to pick your own songs and dance routines or were they shared out?

Dom Joly
Dom Joly performs U Can't Touch This by MC Hammer

Robert Webb:

I did because I think I was signed up pretty early on and I thought, 'I'll do that because it comes with a free funny costume and good'. There was a bit of calculation there.

Paddy McGuinness: I picked our song as well. When they sent the email through about doing it they just said it's got to be from a musical and I just thought, 'Dirty Dancing. That's as close to a musical as I'll ever see. So we'll do that'. That's why we did it.

Do you know Flashdance well Robert?

Robert Webb: No. I didn't. I remember liking the film and I saw the film again and it's not a brilliant film. But her dance at the end is amazing. She had three body doubles to help out, to be honest, and that's just me having a crack at Jennifer Beals for absolutely no reason. No, I didn't know the dance very well. I had to have a bit of a look and the choreographers are the people who've really put it together and they've been brilliant.

Were there any nerves about the costumes?

Robert Webb: I think at quite an executive, senior level there were nerves about having a 36-year-old bloke in a leotard dancing around on live television at seven o'clock. But nothing went wrong and let's just keep our fingers crossed.

Do you think you've got any competition from the others or is it a two-horse race?

Robert Webb: You never know what's going to happen.

Paddy McGuinness: You don't know. You don't know in this game. It's down to the old public vote, isn't it, at the end of the day? You think you've done a good job and then the public don't like it, what can you do? You can't second guess anyone.

Could you not persuade David (Mitchell) to join you or was that never going to happen?

Deborah Meaden, Peter Jones and Duncan Bannatyne from Dragons' Den
Dragons' Den judges after singing Let's Face the Music and Dance

Robert Webb:

I thought I'd just enjoy just a couple of minutes of not being the other one. So he can be the other one on Saturday. He can keep well clear of the whole thing.

How does it feel when the judges are giving you their comments?

Paddy McGuinness: It's strange really because I think because you're not a dancer and you do it and the audience are all cheering and you get swept up in it, that when the judges are talking I never even took any notice. I was sort of listening but I was too busy getting my breath back and thinking, 'That was good'. I didn't really hear what they said.

Are you going to carry on dancing after this?

Robert Webb: No.

Paddy McGuinness: I think that's a resounding no really, from the pair of us.

Robert Webb and Paddy McGuinness were talking to Newsbeat entertainment reporter Sarah Jane Griffiths.

The grand final of Let's Dance For Comic Relief is on BBC One at 7.15pm on Saturday 14 March.

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