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Chris Moyles climbs for charity

Radio 1 DJ Chris Moyles is getting ready to tackle Africa's highest peak Mount Kilimanjaro for Comic Relief. Eight celebrities are joining him in Tanzania including Fearne Cotton, Cheryl and Kimberley from Girls Aloud and Alesha Dixon. Chris Moyles says he's doing the climb "for every fat man" and reveals his concerns about Gary Barlow's bad back.

The Comic Relief climbers
Nine celebrities are tackling Africa's highest mountain for Comic Relief

In the past presenters would have sat in a bath of beans for charity. You're going to climb a mountain in Africa. This is quite hardcore, isn't it?

People have been saying goodbye and good luck, as if they're never going to see me again, which is very, very bizarre. I'm pleased that everyone's realised that it's quite a tough thing that we're doing. Especially for me because I'm not the fittest man, although I am now. I'm very fit now. I'll probably sprint the last couple of miles.

Mount Kilimanjaro is quite high and very dangerous, isn't it?

It is quite high, yeah. We'll be fine. It'll be alright. Loads of people do it. Actually loads of people fail. It has quite a high failure rate. I think somebody said to me [it's] one in five [that fail], bearing in mind that there are nine of us so-called celebs doing it. A lot of people think I'm going to fail. Our audience has been amazing this week with their support on the text and their unbelievable generosity, which has blown me away. We raised a lot of money today alone. It's going to be fine. I'm going to make everybody very proud. And every fat man listening, I'm going to do it for every fat man, every unfit person, every woman with saggy boobs like me, I'm doing it all for you. Forget the kids in Africa. They get the money. But as far as the inspiration goes, it's all for you.

How much did you make this morning on The Chris Moyles Show?

It was another 134,492 that we raised this morning, which is amazing. That's ridiculous. You imagine if I could just have a tiny cut of that and we could do that every day, or every Friday. That would be great. That would sort me right out. I could get a swimming pool.

There are nine celebrities trying to climb to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro. If you had to be cruel and name somebody you don't think will reach the top, who would it be?
Chris Moyles trains with Lewis Hamilton
The climbers received training advice from Lewis Hamilton

I'll make it. I'll do it. Unless we get hit by altitude sickness I think most people will make it. Ben Shephard is like a tank, as is Ronan [Keating] and Gary [Barlow]. Ronan is really concerned about altitude sickness and Gary genuinely has a bad back. He hasn't trained for two weeks, so that could knock him out. Alesha [Dixon] has done very little training. Fearne Cotton, fine, Denise [Van Outen], fine.

Kimberley [Walsh] and Cheryl [Cole], I haven't seen them for a couple of months so I don't know how they've been getting on. I read that they've been training, so fingers crossed. Gary could seriously get injured and, if he does, he will be gutted. That'll be awful, because he's fit enough to do it. Same with Ronan, if he gets hit by the altitude sickness, but if that hits anybody. So they're the ones to look out for.

And me, obviously everybody will be concerned that I'm gonna collapse or storm off if they run out of jaffa cakes, but I think we'll be fine. Apparently, what they say is, it's a massive team effort and we have to use the 'buddy system', right, this is what they've said, which means if someone's feeling a bit down, you have to put your arm round them and give them a cuddle. So I'm hoping that Cheryl and Fearne get very depressed very early on, and I'll be right in there to take advantage - to give them a cuddle.

Chris Moyles was talking to Newsbeat reporter Chris Smith.

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