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Talking Slumdog in LA's Little India

By Andy Brownstone
Newsbeat reporter in LA for the Oscars

What would you say in your Oscar acceptance speech?

So this is the big weekend that Hollywood has been gearing up for all year.

The carpet rollers have been hard at work laying the 500 feet of red stuff and putting up the life size Oscar statues.

But on closer inspection this area is a bit gaudy as well as being glamorous.

Everyone's heard of the Walk of Fame where stars get a literal star in the pavement with their name on.

But no one really mentions the tacky souvenir shops selling hundreds of replica Oscars.

Or the people wearing outfits from Shrek to Charlie Chaplin, to Marilyn Monroe, who pose with tourists for cash.

For a bit of a change we drove out of Hollywood, to the area of LA known as Little India, to check out Slumdog fever.

'Film realism'

After all the burger bars it was refreshing to see signs like 'Ambala Cash and Carry - Best Indian Grocery Store in Town.'
Dev Patel and Freida Pinto
Slumdog Millionaire fever is taking over Little India in LA

The first person I spoke to was a young dad who saw Slumdog Millionaire the previous night and loved it.

He supports an orphanage in Nepal that looks after 55 kids, and told me how realistic the film is.

Two women are off to the Bollywood shop to buy the soundtrack, but they're in for a shock.

The guy who runs the store told me every time they get a new delivery of the CDs they sell out.

He didn't like the film though, and thought it was degrading to Indian people.

Evening screenings

"It's not a realistic portrayal of the slums," he told me, before admitting he'd never been to India before.

At one of the curry houses, which was doing a roaring trade at lunchtime, the film gets regular evening screenings.

And even the older population, many of whom hardly speak English, all nod and smile when I say the words Slumdog Millionaire.

"Slumdog, very nice" is the general consensus.

If I didn't have to work on Oscar night, I'd actually be quite tempted to come back here, settle down for a curry in the 'Cuisine of India', and watch the awards with these amazingly friendly and passionate people...

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