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Jade Goody says it's all about her kids

Jade Goody
Jade Goody found out she had cancer on Indian Big Brother

Reality TV star Jade Goody is preparing to tell her two sons that she only has months to live.

The 27-year-old has left hospital and even gone shopping for a wedding dress after doctors told her that her cancer was now too advanced to treat.

Jade Goody's publicist Max Clifford has told Newsbeat she wants to make sure there's enough money for her children to be OK without her.

What was Jade Goody's reaction to the news that she has months to live?

Well obviously she was absolutely distraught and heartbroken, as you can imagine any person, especially a young woman, a young mother with two young children would be. She'd been living in hope. She knew that things were bad but obviously was hoping that she'd be able to beat it.

But in no time at all she was getting on top of her fears and her anguish and saying, 'Right. Now I've got to sort out my affairs. I've got to make a will. I've got to make sure that everything's in place to give my boys the best possible life that I can give them. I want to get married. I want the boys to be christened. I want my affairs to be put straight.'

She's a very courageous girl and all that she's doing now is trying to make life as good as possible for her boys.

Jade Goody seems to be tackling this head on. She's not hiding from anything, is she?

No. I think she's tackling it the way she's tackled everything. We all know that she's had an horrendous childhood and all the problems that went with that.

She wants to make as much money as possible for the future of her boys
Max Clifford on why Jade Goody is living out her last days in public and on television
But she's someone who thinks I am what I am and in her words to me on Friday evening, 'Max, I know I'm ignorant. But I don't want my boys to have anything but the best education because I know that that will give them the best chance in life. So I'm going to make sure that I pay for them to have the best education possible and they'll know that their mum did that for them'.

She also wants to have the boys christened because, in her words, then they know about Jesus and hopefully in the years ahead they'll be able to keep in touch with me through Jesus.

On a personal level, how difficult is it to have these conversations with a person who's just been given a few months to live?

I suppose it's something I've had a lot of experience with over the last 40 years because of my involvement with the Royal Marsden Children's Leukaemia Unit and the Chase Children's Hospice out of Guildford that I'm a patron of. So you just really try to concentrate on what's best for them, what's best to make life as good as possible for as long as possible. What's best for the future for the boys. Just try to help Jade achieve as much as possible of what she wants to achieve in the time that she's got left.

What would you say to people who are criticising Jade Goody for living out her final days in the public eye?

Jade Goody
Jade Goody as she looked after appearing in Big Brother 3
She wants to make as much money as possible for the future of her boys. She also wants to be busy, health permitting, in terms of interviews or television because it gives her something else to focus on and think about other than cancer and dying.

She's also aware that her going public about cervical cancer since it was discovered last August has led to a 20% increase in young women all over Britain that are having cervical cancer smears. That's something that obviously she takes great pride from because, in her own words, 'Hopefully there's a lot of young women out there that won't suffer the way I have because of what I've said publically'. And it's working.

How quickly is Jade Goody going to get married?

She's going to get married as quickly as possible. (After learning her cancer was untreatable Jade's boyfriend Jack Tweed proposed to her at her hospital bedside). She's going to have the boys christened as soon as possible. She went to Harrods yesterday and found, in her words, the most beautiful wedding dress. When Mohamed Al Fayed found out about it, he's giving it to her as a wedding present from him to her with all his love. She's just concentrating on the good things and making things happen and staying as busy as she can for as long as possible. But everything is dependent on how she's feeling and medically how things are.

Max Clifford was speaking to Newsbeat presenter Dominic Byrne.

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