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Coleen: 'No pressure to be thin'

Coleen Rooney
Coleen Rooney released her autobiography in March 2008

Coleen Rooney shot to fame when she started going out with England footballer Wayne Rooney as a 16-year-old schoolgirl.

Six years later, she's a married woman, she has a monthly column in OK! magazine, she's released a fitness DVD and is now back on television with the second series of Coleen's Real Women.

She says she's happy looking the way she does and feels no pressure to lose weight or look super-skinny.

What's the idea behind Coleen's Real Women?

We're going out looking for real women to take part in advertising campaigns, but this year the show is going to be bigger and better. We've got big brands on board. Also we're looking for different elements from the girls, girls that can't make it in the modelling world, maybe they're short, maybe they're more curvy or maybe they haven't got that much confidence.

You're a fashion icon and girls look up to you. Do you feel under pressure to be super-skinny?

Sometimes I do put on an extra few pounds and I do want to lose it but I don't drastically diet or anything like that
Coleen Rooney on looking good
No. Not at all. I enjoy my food too much. Sometimes there are the wrong things out there that girls look up to, to girls that are slim. I think everyone's individual. Some people are naturally skinny. Some people are naturally curvy.

So just be proud of your body whatever it is. Make the most if it. There are girls who are curvy. It is hard to lose weight or tone up. But at the same time, do they need to? But just make the most out of your body and it's yours and you've got to live with it.

How do you feel when you look at photos of yourself in designer outfits or bikinis on holiday?

Sometimes you get pictures that you're not really fond of in the magazines or in the papers. And especially when you're on holiday I like to enjoy myself. I like to go out for meals. I like to have a drink. I don't really worry too much and I don't really worry if there are photographers there because I just set out to enjoy myself and that's what I do.

There have been times when I've seen myself in a bikini and thought, 'I could do with toning up a bit there'. Or, 'Once I get back I'm going to go to the gym'. But I don't worry about it. Sometimes I do put on an extra few pounds and I do want to lose it but I don't drastically diet or anything like that. My main thing is to eat healthy and go to the gym.

Do you worry about your skin care regime and wrinkles?

I do worry about the sun now. I never used to that much. But as you get older you do become more aware of it. So I would say to young girls out there, is always to protect your skin. You don't want to look haggered when you're older and also your skin is one of the main things on your body. So just take care of it and use protection.

Do you cringe when you look at yourself on screen and does Wayne look at it with you?

Coleen and Wayne Rooney
Coleen and Wayne Rooney were married in Italy in June 2008
The last series, we watched a few together. But then I watched a few on my own as well. There were times when I cringed, especially when I was shouting for girls' attention to explain what we were there for. I would shout and I've got a squeaky voice so I used to cringe at that.

But no, you've just got to get on with it. There's nothing really bad that I've done in the show. I just try to enjoy it. Seeing yourself and hearing yourself on the telly, sometimes it is a shock.

People still show that picture of you in your puffer jacket when you were 16. Do you hate that picture?

No, I don't hate it. I just think, that was me at that time of my life going to school like every other schoolgirl. Sometimes you think, 'Why did I wear that jacket?' But at that age that's what I liked and that's what I wore. That was me then.

What's next for you? Any more TV programmes?

No. This took quite a while to film. It's from July to December, so it was a long time and it was constant. I'm going to take a little bit of time out from the TV work for the moment. I'm also doing some work for the Variety Club, the children's charity. That's it really. Hopefully I will do some more TV work in the future.

It's Valentine's Day this weekend. Have you got anything romantic planned for Wayne?

No because he's away playing football. I won't get to see him. But we'll do something next week. We usually just go for a meal somewhere. We've been together like six-and-a-half years now so we've had plenty of Valentine's Days. We'll probably just go for a nice meal.

Coleen Rooney was talking to Newsbeat entertainment reporter Chi Chi Izundu.

Coleen's Real Women is on ITV2 on Tuesday nights at 9pm.

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