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Jade Goody 'staying strong' for kids

Former Big Brother housemate Jade Goody has been told her cancer has spread. She's being treated for cervical cancer and her doctors recently gave her a 40% chance of surviving it. Now they say they've found three more tumours. Jade Goody's PR man Max Clifford reveals she's still putting on a brave face for her young children.

Jade Goody
Jade Goody found out she had cancer while appearing on the Indian Big Brother

Can you explain what Jade has been through in the last week or so?

Months ago, obviously, Jade was diagnosed with cervical cancer, and she's been treated at the Royal Marsden Hospital in Chelsea with a combination of chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

Over the last few days she's been in considerable pain. She went into the Marsden on Friday and they did further tests and it was revealed yesterday that the tumours had spread. She now has three further tumours, one in the bowel, one in the groin and one in her liver, which, of course, is devastating news for her.

Jade knows that the situation was already very bad, and it's even worse, unfortunately
Jade Goody's PR Max Clifford

The surgeon and everybody involved up at the Marsden will now be meeting to discuss the way forward and what combination of drugs and what treatment they're going to suggest for her that gives her the best chance.

Obviously, Jade's devastated, she's trying to put on a brave face, she's a brave girl, but it's obviously horrible news for her.

She must have been praying for some good news, some ray of hope, after the last few months?

Having had, you know, two months or more of treatment, which has obviously made her very ill, she's lost all her hair, she's been very sick, she's had a lot of pain, she was hoping and praying, as we all were, that chemo would help and do the trick, but unfortunately so far it hasn't.

How desperate now is the situation for Jade?

It was already serious, they were talking about a 40% chance of survival. You know, I think, based on what's going on, based on what's being said, based on what the medical experts are saying, it's now a question of seeing what they can come up with to keep things at bay for as long as possible to try and control the cancer, to try and stop the further spread of the cancer and do what they can to control it.

But it's an uphill struggle and Jade knows that the situation was already very bad, and it's even worse, unfortunately.

Is she with her family now?

She's in the Royal Marsden, and obviously the main point is to keep the pain under control and look after her and give her the best possible treatment, while they're making up their minds exactly what they're going to do in the weeks and months ahead.

She's trying to put on a brave face for the sake of the children as much as for anybody else.

Max Clifford was speaking to Newsbeat reporter Rebecca Pukiello.

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