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Could you be Paris Hilton's best friend?

By Sarah Jane Griffiths
Newsbeat entertainment reporter


Paris Hilton talks about the best mates she's met in the UK

Paris Hilton is in London right now to launch her new TV show, Paris Hilton's British Best Friend.

She wants the room full of British journalists scoffing the very British cream cakes she's laid on to like it.

Luckily, they seem to love it. From the moment the show starts the whole room is laughing, at the Doggie mansion where Paris's pet Chihuahuas live or the nightclub she's had built in her home.

We haven't even met the contestants yet.

"We had so many people try out, but I picked all of them myself," Paris tells Newsbeat afterwards.

TTYN means Talk To You Never. But TTYN sounds kinda mean. I'd feel really bad saying it, and afterwards I'd be like sorry!
Paris Hilton explains how she tells people they're not friends any more
"They all lived in a house together, so sometimes I would sneak in the house and be in the back room watching with the producers.

"It was really funny to see how different they were when I would come around."

The first time they meet in person, Paris is greeted by high pitched screams.

Eleven girls and one bloke united by a slightly obsessive love for Paris and a slight desperation to be the one she picks as her British Best Friend.

She's already done a similar show for MTV in the US, but as she spends so much time in the UK she needs a mate here too, you know.

She promises she's found true friends as a result.

"I could only obviously pick one but I made so many great friends on the show.

"We always speak on Facebook, on the phone. I really like them all. They're just fun, interesting, cool people."


Although it seems their images could do with a bit of an overhaul, major makeovers follow on day two.

"I wanted them to look their best. That's why I brought some of the fashion experts with me so they could be the bad guys.

Paris Hilton
Paris Hilton appeared in the TV series The Simple Life
"I didn't want to be so brutal. They were kind of rude to some of the girls explaining how bad their hair extensions were.

"So I was kind of like the good cop, like, 'Umm it's not that bad!'"

Most of the girls cope, but it doesn't all go swimmingly according to Paris.

"There are some definite big surprises, where I'd say fake gossip about myself and they'd get caught on camera spilling it."

Loyalty seems to be one of Paris's top priorities as she says she's been burnt in the past.

"When I was like a teenager it really hurt my feelings, but I've just learned who to trust and who not to trust," she says.

"You figure out what kind of people you want in your life. I probably have five like really, really close friends who I trust. My sister is one of them."

Paris is also hoping this show will prove she's not the ditzy, party girl people think she is.

She wants people to see the real her, which judging by the laughs in episode one could be Paris the comedian.

"I do think I have good comedy timing. The show is tongue in cheek as it's supposed to be fun." she says.

"With this show you can see a lot more of who I am. Not like on the Simple Life when I was playing that spoilt airhead character. That's not who I am in real life."

Saying goodbye

She says she found the eliminations at the end of each show hard, despite coining a slightly harsh phrase to say goodbye.

"TTYN means Talk To You Never. All my friends in LA do that now.

"TTYL talk to you later, TTYS talk to you soon. But TTYN sounds kinda mean. I'd feel really bad saying it, and afterwards I'd be like sorry!"

Paris and Nicky Hilton
Paris Hilton says one of her best mates is sister Nicky
The media seems convinced Paris has her sights set on the young British royals, after being spotted partying with the Princes while in London to film the show.

But despite Prince Harry's newly single status, Paris says that's not the case.

She says: "I think he's a very nice boy, but I love Chelsea his ex. So I would not do that to her as she's a really sweet girl."

Don't think she's embarrassed about her film The Hottie And The Nottie being up for a Razzie either.

They honour the worst films of the year and Paris's acting skills have earned her three nominations of her own.

"I think it's funny. I see who they nominate and I think a lot of the movies are really good," she says.

"I loved Mike Myers and he got all these Razzies. I think he's so hilarious.

"I think it's funny, but I wouldn't go, I think it's desperate!"

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