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Page last updated at 14:50 GMT, Monday, 26 January 2009
Coolio: 'I was having fun in BB'
Celebrity Big Brother star Coolio is set to release a new album

Celebrity Big Brother finalist Coolio has said he went into the house to have "fun" with his peers.

The rap star said it wasn't his intention to go into the house and irritate people.

"I wasn't really trying to wind anybody up, I was just having fun and they were getting angry at me for being myself," he told Sara Cox on her Radio 1 show.

"I totally didn't get that whole bullying thing because I'm BK - the bully killer."

His behaviour was seen as difficult by some of his female housemates. But Coolio said that he is totally against bullying and he didn't intend to upset anyone with his actions.

"Intimidating is totally not me. I don't even have an intimidating air about me unless we're getting into a confrontation," he explained.

"I hate bullies. When I was growing up I got bullied severely so by the time I reached the age of 14 or 15 I targeted bullies. I went after them. I was like 'If you want to be a bully, bully me, bully this."

I don't even have an intimidating air about me unless we're getting into a confrontation
The rapper also revealed that he had previously turned down the chance to enter the Big Brother house.

"They asked me to do it three or four times before and I turned it down," he said.

"This time let's just say they made me some offers I couldn't refuse."

Following his eviction from the Big Brother House Coolio said he has been going for "super long walks."

The rap star also said he had no plans to re-release his most famous hit Gangsta's Paradise.

But he did confirm that he is working on a new album and he is set to release a new single entitled Change.

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