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New Yorkers give their Oscar tips

Dan Li

Dan Li: "I thought Benjamin Button was really innovative. Brad Pitt's performance was excellent but I've seen him do better, like in Thelma And Louise where he was really good."

Jennifer Arnett

Jennifer Arnett, 35: "I did see Benjamin Button. As a whole the film was great and the special effects were amazing and Brad Pitt was good but you just take it for granted that he's good."

Kate Osborn

Kate Osborn, 26: "I just think the minute Heath Ledger passed away, it was a shoe-in for an Oscar and I think that's outrageous because I didn't think he did a fantastic job."

Matt Kertman

Matt Kertman, 25: "Benjamin Button should not be getting 13 nominations. Heath Ledger's performance in The Dark Knight was fantastic but it's bound to be overrated because of his death."

Nada Tawfik

Nada Tawfik, 22: "I was shocked that Kate Winslet didn't get anything for Revolutionary Road considering she got two Golden Globes for it."

Natasha Padilla

Natasha Padilla, 29: "I was really surprised about the whole Kate Winslet thing and how she only got nominated for The Reader, and I feel like Revolutionary Road got totally snubbed."

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