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Behind the scenes with Skins actors

It's back for a brand new series and pretty much a brand new cast, so Newsbeat went behind the scenes to meet the actors starring in the third series of Skins. They gave us the lowdown on how they all get on, what we can expect from their characters and what's in the pipeline for this year.

Jack O'Connell who plays James Cook

He's just a Jack-the-lad. He's very confident, very out there, very few rules.
Jack O'Connell who plays James Cook
Cook, who's friends with JJ and Freddie, is a daredevil

If there are any rules as well, he's willing to step them. He's opened out as your stereotypical Jack-the-lad and then eventually I'm hoping you'll discover later his reasons and the meaning behind his daredevil behaviour.

Cook's a mad-head. I don't think he considers other people too much, his actions show that. At the beginning you see that kind of character, you warm to them because they're funny but then eventually they become irritating.

Kaya Scodelario who plays Effy - one of the only characters from series one and two

The first series she didn't speak at all, in the second series she was trying to sort everyone else's problems out.
Kaya Scodelario who plays Effy
Effy appeared as Tony's sister in series one and two

I think the third series is more about her trying to work out who everyone else is and her new friends at college. She wants to help with problems again this time but she starts to deal with her own problems, which she can't deal with.

She's still wild, still gets up to lots of fun. She's still Effy, just a bit more grown up this time and dealing with real issues. There's a big love triangle which is really fun. She gets into things she can't really deal with. I'm quite excited to see her break down completely and see how she reacts to that.

Kathryn Prescott who plays Emily - one half of a twin

All the cast can tell us apart, all the crew practically. Some of the production people can't - that's because I don't really talk to them that much.
Kathryn Prescott who plays Emily
Kathryn plays one half of a twin and crew sometimes get it wrong

If you see us, we do look quite similar, if you know us it becomes really easy to tell us apart. We're not identical.

You've got something to live up to because people loved the old characters so much. It's worrying that they might instantly not like any new characters - no matter how good they are - because they love the old characters so much, which is fair enough.

You can't really compare them because the characters are so different to the last series.

Luke Pasqualino plays Freddie Mclair

My agent sent me to the open auditions because he was told there wasn't going to be another round. And I waited 5 hours on my own and my iPod died after about 45 minutes, so I was a bit stuffed. I went in, did what I had to do.
Luke Pasqualino plays Freddie Mclair
Luke was so keen for the part he waited 5 hours at the audition

Me and one of the other girls in the group got chosen to go through to the next round. I had about 7 auditions, 6-7 auditions for Freddie and then I got told I got the part.

It's been quite good because we've had Kaya [who plays Effy] there to help us out. She's given us a few pointers. She's helped a few of us out. Most of us have done stuff before. I think Ollie's only done a couple of school plays, so it's a real big step for him and everyone's really proud of him.

Ollie Barbieri plays JJ Jones

JJ is a bit of a loser really, he doesn't know how to deal with people. He's got two best friends, Cook and Freddie, and he tags along with them both. He's always there. He's often described as their pet or their child.
Ollie Barbieri plays JJ Jones
This is Ollie's first ever acting role apart from his school plays

Cook will drag JJ along to some strange little event that he's picked out and everything will go wrong and JJ will inevitably be left on his own in the middle of this mayhem, which he just does not understand.

I've never done any job before at all, this is my first acting job and my first job generally. I never did a paper round. This is my first employment. It's very strange.

Megan Prescott who plays Katie

It's so exciting. It's so weird, like when I start seeing adverts and stuff it's going to be really odd because I've never done anything massive before.
Megan Prescott who plays Katie
Megan plays Katie's twin who also has a footballer boyfriend

I've really wanted to do acting all along, so this is really cool. It's really weird to think this is a real thing on TV.

Some of the storylines, even I've been through some of them, or I've had friends who could relate to those storylines, so I think it's good because people can watch it and relate to most of the things in there.

Lily Loveless who plays Naomi Campbell

Yes, Naomi Campbell is her name. Which no-one actually believes until they watch it. I have a lot of nicknames by the crew: 'I moan', 'Naomi', Supermodel', 'The gnome'.
Lily Loveless who plays Naomi Campbell
Lily plays a character named after a very famous supermodel

She's very hot-headed and passionate about worldly-affairs - like fair-trade and stuff. But she's also very shut so she doesn't let anyone in close, so she's quite confused about her feelings about other people.

I'm not as harsh as her - I'm a bit more chilled and easy-going - she's a bit more: "Grrrrrrr!"

My episode was written by a 19-year-old - so that's like one year older than I am.

It's not like it's got a moral message, it's just showing what happens.

Lisa Backwell who plays Pandora Moon

I've got some really, really funny lines but the best thing is the dancing. I just get to do the most ridiculous dancing in the world.
Lisa Backwell who plays Pandora Moon
Lisa was a bit star-struck when she met the original cast

There's a bit where I was rolling on a wall, it was really sticky and as I was rolling, the amount of dirt that just stuck to my t-shirt, it was really funny.

This year we've all bonded as a group and it's so nice and I feel completely involved in this group of people. And it's good because I think it comes across on screen.

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