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In pictures: New Skins characters

Megan Prescott plays Katie

Megan Prescott plays Katie - her twin sister is also in the series. Katie's trying to get rid of her identity as a twin and become an individual. She likes going out and has a footballer boyfriend.

Kathryn Prescott plays Emily

Kathryn Prescott plays Emily. She's crippled by shyness and depends on her sister to be the dynamic one, but she's trying to break free. Prescott has previously appeared in an episode of Doctors.

Kaya Scodelario plays Effy

Kaya Scodelario is the only actress to return for series three of Skins. The rest of the cast from the first two series have all been ditched. Kaya plays Tony's younger sister Effy (short for Elizabeth).

Lisa Backwell plays Pandora

Lisa Backwell is Pandora Moon. She appeared in one episode of Skins, series two, and is Effy's best mate. She's described as having "a sweet tooth for naughtiness".

Jack O'Connell plays Cook

Jack O'Connell plays James Cook. He's described as charismatic, but a "complete nutcase". He's best known for playing Pukey Nicholls in This Is England but has also appeared in Waterloo Road and Holby City.

Luke Pasqualino plays Freddie

Luke Pasqualino is an actor from Peterborough who plays Freddie Mclair. He's a skater who lives with his dad and sister. His mum died when he was younger and he likes Rage Against The Machine.

Klariza Clayton plays Karen

Klariza Clayton plays Karen Mclair. Skins producers say she's "a firecracker with big dreams of being famous". She's appeared in an episode of Holby City and CBBC programme Dani's House.

Merveille Lukeba plays Thomas

Merveille Lukeba plays Thomas Tomone. He's descibed as a good, honest, honourable soul. He's originally from Africa so is finding it hard to find his feet. He appeared in an episode of The Bill in 2007.

Ollie Barbieri plays JJ

Ollie Barbieri is JJ Jones in the new series of Skins. He's supposed to be the clever one of the group and is a master magician. He has a "huge imagination, with child-like excitement".

Lily Loveless plays Naomi

Lily Loveless plays Naomi Campbell. She's said to be an idealistic girl who's "passionate, political and principled" and often argues her point with the rest of the group. The new series starts on 22 January.


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